Past Seminars

Columbia Internal Medicine is the office of Padma Sripada MD (my daughter in whose office I work). (2)

‘Hope Club’ mentioned below refers to the  American Cancer Society’s ‘Hope Club’ at 1 Penny Lane, Latham NY 12110 # 782-9833. Free seminar is offered every last Thursday of the month at this place, subject to registration of at least one person. 

‘Venture Inward’ is a business that offers Hypnotherapy, Seances, Spirit readings and related services. (3)

  • Venture Inward: The fourth monthly class was on Sept 12, attended by 5 persons – 3 new comers and 2 cointunuers.
  • Venture Inward: The third monthly class was on August 8 (1). Four women attended, all new comers. Feedback
  • First United Methodist Church of East Greenbush:
    The second seminar at the church was on July 9. Attended by 14 women as part of a periodic women’s group retreat. Feedback
  • Venture Inward: The second monthly class was on June 11, 2016. Two women attended. Feedback
  • Voorheesville Library: The second seminar at the Library was on May 17, 2016. Attended by 19 people (includes 3 high school/ college students). Feedback
  • Castleton Library: The third seminar was on May 11, 2016, attended by 2 adults. Feedback
  • Venture Inward:  The first of the on-going monthly seminar was on May 2, attended by 2 women. Feedback
  • East Greenbush Community Library: The 15th seminar was on March 30 attended by 9 adults. Feedback 
  • Venture Inward: The second seminar “Gentle Yoga and Deep Relaxation” was held on March 24 attended by 12 people. Feedback
  • East Greenbush Library – September 26, 2015: The fourteenth seminar was attended by 9 adults.
  • East Greenbush Library – April 8, 2015: The thirteenth seminar was attended by 13 adults 1 teenager. Feedback
  • East Greenbush Library – October 8, 2014: The 12th seminar was attended by total 18 adults. Feedback
  • ‘Gentle Yoga Stretching’ session at Venture Inward on Aug 8, 2014: First session on ‘Stretching for beginners’ for 30 minutes was attended by 11 persons. It was a free session preceding a Psychic message reading circle organized by Margaret Kaufman, owner of Venture Inward. (3) (4)
  • Second seminar at Venture Inward on June 18, 2014: Attended by 5 people. Feedback. 
  • Hope club: My monthly seminar for April 2014 was attended by one woman aged 70 who had surgery and chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. More….
  • East Greenbush Community Library on April 17, 2014: The eleventh seminar at this library was attended by 14. Feedback
  • Columbia Internal Medicine on 4/4/14: The seminar was for a lymphoma cancer survivor who could not be offered the class at the Hope Club due to my absence on the scheduled day. She is undergoing chemo. She anticipated severe panic  attack during her CAT scan scheduled in May 2014. She badly needed a coping technique. 
  • Home seminar for for a couple along with their son with ASD (Autism spectrum disorder) on 3/30/14: The son is in Grade 1 attending special ed classes. Mom wants to see if the breathing techniques can help him calm down. The couple were trained in the basic modes for their use. They were advised to introduce the folding mode to their son at bedtime to start with.  I plan to continue working with them by periodic contacts.   
  • Seminar at the Castleton Public Library on March 24, 2014: Attended by 4 adults and a child. Feedback
  • Robert C. Parker School: Seminar and 2 follow up classes for 3 children in Grades 1 to 2, on ‘Mindful breathing’. These were offered as after school classes. They were trained in the six basic  modes of ‘Focusing on breathing’. I plan to periodically monitor their practice and its impact.
  • Seminar organized by NAMI Rensselaer County NY on March 5, 2014: Attended by 10 persons. Feedback
  • Columbia Internal Medicine on Feb 26, 2014: For a person in early fifties for GAD (Generalized anxiety disorder), chronic pains, Stress, Anger, Fears/ Phobias/Panic attacks, Compulsive/ Negative thoughts. He has completed two follow up classes.  
  • Seminar at the Voorheesville Public Library on February 15, 2014 was attended by 11 people.  Feedback
  • Columbia Internal Medicine on Jan 24 2014: A couple in their fifties. Husband’s concerns were – Anxiety, Stress, Diabetes (on insulin), Anger and Chronic pains. Wife’s concerns – Anxiety, Stress, Compulsive negative thoughts, Fatigue and Concentration. Both are doing the follow up classes. Feedback from Wife
  • Columbia Internal Medicine on Jan 19, 2014: A master’s student at local college for Anxiety, Stress, Headaches, Panic attacks, Concentration, Compulsive negative thoughts, Depression and life goals. He is continuing the classes.

In the third class he reported “One thing I noticed is I do not bite my nails as much when I am less stressed and since I started the breathing I have stopped. Before doing this practice, I used to bite my nails all the time.”

  • Columbia Internal Medicine on Nov 9, 2013: Attended by a girl aged 10 years accompanied by her Grandma. This girl has been bothered by tics (Tourette’s syndrome), stuttering and anxiety for many years. She is doing follow up classes.
  • Columbia Internal Medicine on Nov 6, 2013: Attended by a woman in her fifties, interested in learning and practicing meditation. She is doing the ‘follow up’ classes. Hers is an interesting case showing how traditional way of teaching this great technique lets down genuinely interested beginners with potential like her. More….
  • East Greenbush Community Library on October 22, 2013: The tenth seminar at this library was attended by 20 people. Feedback
  • ‘Venture Inward’ (3) on October 21, 2013: Attended by 9 adults. Feedback  
  • Columbia Internal Medicine on Oct 17, 2013: Attended by a Chiropractor and his wife, a Speech Pathologist. They are doing the follow up classes achieving remarkable results.  
  • Hope club on Sep 26, 2013: Attended by a woman with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Columbia Internal Medicine on Aug 31, 2013: Attended by a young man with depression, obesity and severe stress at work. He has been practicing the technique from my handouts since about 9 months. He is continuing the classes achieving remarkable results in reducing depression and extreme initial obesity of BMI 46. His feedback
  • Robert C. Parker School , Aug 28, 2013: Introduction to ‘focusing on breathing’ to faculty and staff before the school opens. Meg Taylor, Head of the school organized this 45 minutes session as  part of the faculty meeting with the goal of making this using this technique as a routine practice in the middle school. The children in preschool and grades 1 to 3 already practice this technique. The session was attended by 22 persons.
  • Columbia Internal Medicine on July 25, 2013: Attended by a mother with her two sons aged 11 and 8. She was concerned about her sons’ attention problems. All of them did 4 follow up classes.  The older son has ADHD and continuing the classes.  The mind body techniques he has been practicing appear to have reduced his unusual body movements and uncontrolled laughter by about 20% by Nov 2013.
  • Home of Dr. Sai Gandham – Private seminar for his family and relatives visiting from India, total six of them,  on July 22, 2013. One of them was a gynecologist.  
  • Diabetes Support Group at Albany Memorial Hospital on June 5, 2013: Attended by 15 adults – either diabetes patients or their family members. Feedback
  • Hope Club on May 24, 2013: For a girl college student with problems of insomnia, depression and severe obesity. She has been seeing a psychiatrist for her problems.
  • Columbia Internal Medicine on May 18, 2013: For a patient of my daughter (2), a state worker in his early fifties, for stress from his boss,  his fiancee and insomnia. He is doing s series of classes. Remarkable feedback after 3 classes
  • Columbia Internal Medicine on May 17, 2013: For a young Software Engineer who has just done his MS and looking for a job. He was suffering from severe insomnia and anxiety. He did three follow up classes. Feedback
  • Bethlehem Central Middle School May 15, 2013: It was open to adults and children 10 and up. Attended by total 11 participants. Feedback
  • Columbia Internal Medicine on May 13, 2013: For a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who counsels children and adults. She wanted to work on her own issues and also use the techniques for her clients. She attended three classes and wants to continue. She said in the last class that she was now teaching ‘focusing on breathing’ to her adult and child clients. As reported, one of her adult clients, a recovering alcoholic liked the technique. She is continuing the classes.
  • Parsons Child and Family Center on May 10, 2013: Organized by the Staff Training and Research Institute of the center. Attended by 30 staff members. The center decided to organize follow up classes. Feedback
  • Castleton Public Library on May 2, 2013:  Five women participated including the Director of the library. Feedback
  • Columbia Internal Medicine on May 4, 2013: For a young Engineer in his twenties, working on his first job at Global Foundries. He wants to get over his severe anxiety in talking with new persons at work, even on conference calls. He is doing follow up classes.
  • Mary E Dardess Elementary School, Chatham NY April 24, 2013: Classes for 9 students in Gr 3 to 5, to reduce their stress before tests. April 17 2013 and April 24 2013. Feedback
  • Columbia Internal Medicine, April 4 2013: Introductory class for a girl aged 13 for ADHD. Her parents wanted to try out these techniques before resorting to medications. She is currently seeing a counselor. Her mom and younger sister also got introduced to the technique.  In her one week follow up class she reported significant improvement which could be due to her taking a fish oil capsule of EPA+DHA of 1000 mg every day, per my suggestion since last 3 weeks.
  • Columbia Internal Medicine, March 27, 2013: For a businessman in his fifties to achieve his goals of self improvement, emotional peace with his grown up sons and to make his wife happy. He will continue the classes. He found my website when he searched on-line for Yoga classes. He did 3 follow up classes and practicing on his own with remarkable progress. He has been sending me periodical progress reports. I am posting them as blogs under Alfred’s progress. A chiropractor who came to know from Alfred has been coming to my classes along with his wife.
  • Columbia Internal Medicine, March 14, 2013: For a man who had heart transplant and being treated for several major health problems. He was referred to me by Teri Huston-Mulligan Certified Diabetes Educator at Albany Medical Center, a client of mine. He had severe insomnia. Periodic calls to him revealed that he is able to sleep nicely using the technique. He was very happy for this relief.  He is  continuing the classes. Within a week, his most pressing problem of insomnia was resolved. He is now working on his chronic pains in ribs and back.
  • Columbia Internal Medicine, March 13, 2013: For a Software Engineer  to control his anger at his wife for her way of handling their young children. He attended my classes about 4 years back and was practicing the technique at bed time occasionally. He did 3 ‘Follow up’ classes. His feedback   
  • A large healthcare facility Feb 2013 (name and feedback withheld for lack of permission): 19 persons of diverse positions attended from house keeper to students, nurses, faculty and directors. This was arranged by the Employee Assistance Program coordinator who attended my classes at the East Greenbush Library. Feedback
  • Rensselaer Public Library, Feb 27, 2013: Five people attended. Their Feedback 
  • East Greenbush Community Library on Jan 30, 2013: The ninth seminar at this library was attended by 10 people. Feedback
  • Columbia Internal Medicine, January 3, 2013: For a woman suffering from phobias about traveling away from home, air planes and separation from family and friends. She is doing follow up classes.
  • Columbia Internal Medicine, January 3, 2013: For a woman refugee from Burma who had been suffering from severe insomnia for the last 8 years. She was brought in by a friend who has been helping refugees from Burma as a volunteer. The woman could understand only a few English words. I explained the ‘Folding finger mode’ (1) and she could quickly understand it. Her feedback

Seminars done and people covered – yearly

2012 (18 seminars, 70 people)
2009 to 2011 (35 Seminars, 339 people)
2004 to 2006 (16 Seminars, 244 people)
2001 to 2003 (24 Seminars, 400+ people)

(1) Folding finger mode
(2) Padma Sripada
(3) ‘Venture Inward’
(4) Stretching for beginners – Suggestions and Video

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