Skype and E-mail classes

I can work with clients using Skype and E-mail. I get feedback in the on-line form, interact on Skype, offer updated suggestions and maintain on-going contact. This has been working well for local and non-local clients. I can interact in English and two of the Indian languages – Hindi and Telugu. The charges are made affordable for each individual.

Current classes
  • A Software Engineer from India for ‘lack of confidence’ and ‘disturbing thoughts’. He found this website in on-line search approached me by E-mail and received my guidance over 9 months only by E-mail before I started using Skype.

His testimonial  before we talked on Skype: “I just felt like writing an e-mail to you. Without meeting you or talking to you, I feel a special bond with you. Your articles and guidance made a huge difference in my life. Thanks for being a wonderful mentor. “

  • A local Software Engineer for ‘chronic headaches’ and ‘unhappy family relationships’. His headaches were gone in 2 weeks. His report
Past Classes
  • A young man in thirties in New Jersey, for stress. He reported remarkable relief (1).
  • A woman in forties from New Jersey, for Fibromyalgia. After practicing the technique for about two months, she reported that her Fibromyalgia pains of 10 years standing, had mostly come down (2).
  • A local woman in sixties who practiced with the guidance from this website and my phone support, reported ‘tremendous improvement in sleep pattern’ (3).

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(1) His feedback on Stress
(2) Her feedback on Fibromyalgia
(3) Her feedback on Insomnia

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