Solo Classes

  • Where?‘Columbia Internal Medicine, 2500 Pond View Ste# 202, Castleton NY 12033 #518-391-2889. (Office of Padma Sripada M.D, my daughter). See (1) for directions.

Classes at Home: I can do the classes at the client’s home at an extra charge mentioned in the charges section below.

  • When? By appointment from 6 pm on weekdays and flexible times on weekends. Email ‘’ or call my cell # 518-956-3433 for availability.
  • How frequently? The first three classes are once a week or biweekly by mutual consent. Subsequent classes are spaced to suit the client’s needs.
  • How long? About 1 ½ hours.
  • What is done during the classes?

Initial Survey: At the beginning of the first class, the client fills out the exhaustive ‘Health and Habits Review Form’ with the goals to be achieved (3). Client learns the 6 basic modes of ‘Focusing on breathing’ and practice each of them briefly. Client is given a folder containing key handouts. Client learns how to make this practice a part of daily activities, from waking up in the bed, while working, so on, till again lying in bed.

Feedback:At the beginning of every subsequent class, the client fills out the simple ‘Feedback form’ of 2 pages (4), showing how one practiced after the last class, the improvements felt in mind, body and relationships and the ‘before’ and ‘after’ situations for the most improved aspects. At the end of the class the client writes down the goals and action plans.

Follow up: Client takes home a copy of the document.When the breathing practices are well set, gentle stretching postures and movements of  Yoga are introduced. These are practiced with continuous focus on breathing and awareness of body sensations and movements, to release the stresses locked up in different parts of the body.

Techniques for handling stressful relationships and thoughts: Depending on the client’s needs, simple techniques are shared to be able to handle them without distress.

‘My articles’ and authentic self help books by experts: Often, I share the concepts presented in ‘My articles’ (5) which help in changing the way one views and responds to daily experiences and interactions with people at home and outside. I also offer to sell used books with wonderful life saving ideas and doable practices at cost price. I maintain a library of such books bought from Most of them cost from $4 to $9.

Charges? $45 per person for 3 classes. Scholarship and charity options offered for deserving clients.

Additional charge for doing the classes at the home of the client is $20 per trip, irrespective of the number of clients. This works for families and clients unable to drive over to my office.

Current and past clients (without identities): See (6)

Skype classes

I offer Skype classes supplemented by e-mail support to clients unable to attend physically. It is working well for my overseas client. The timing of each session is set to suit mutual convenience.

Yoga Classes for Beginners

I have been training my clients in gentle stretching modules since 2010 with happy results. More….

How to register?

Call #518-391-2889 (W) or #518-956-3433 (Cell) or E-mail –

(1) Address and Directions to Columbia Internal Medicine, my daughter’s medical office where I work and offer the classes        Google map
(2) Public seminars
(3) Health and Habits Review Form PDF
(4) Feedback form for Follow Up classes PDF
(5) My articles
(6) Current and past clients (without identities)

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