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I am happy to announce the formation of a meetup group for ‘counting breaths mediation’. It fulfills the long standing need of interested beginners and also the practitioners who wish to refresh and expand their practice. Now we have a place to set up meetings for both groups of people. If you wish to learn or practice with a group you are invited to sign up on the meetup website (28).

This meditation helps you to calm yourself anywhere,anytime, reduce stress, improve sleep and practice sustained meditation on a daily basis. It has  whole range of mind/body benefits (25). The sample testimonials show its immense potential (26).

When? First Tuesday of every month – Dec 5, Jan 2, Feb 6, Mar 6, Apr 3, May 1

Time: 6 to 7.30 pm.

The first meetup is scheduled on Tue Dec 5 from 6 to 7.30 pm.

Where do we meet? We will meet at the office of Padma Sripada MD (Internal Medicine), my daughter (27).

Charges? Come in and join us. If you feel happy make a love donation.

Group size limited to ten. Reservation essential.

Please reserve your space by signing up on Meetup or call # 518-956-3433 and leave a message with your name and number. I will call you back to confirm.
See (27) for the address of the location and directions.

Group Seminars  – Free

East Greenbush Community Library (2): This two hour seminar is offered six monthly, having started in 2004 and to date, seventeen seminars were offered. Feedback summary has been posted in my blog section after every seminar. Next seminar will be on Jan 10, 2018.

Solo  Classes (21)

On ‘Meditation On Breathing’
‘Gentle Yoga Stretching’
‘Stressful Relationships’

Columbia Internal Medicine: See (21) for the details.
Charges: $45 for three classes.


Do you want to set up a seminar?

The expense for training a group of 10 people in this technique is less than $10 per person. The returns in terms of better mental, physical and relational health are many times. At the end of the seminar, I collect the participants’ assessment through a survey form, mask their identities and share it with the organizer of the seminar (4). If you are not satisfied with the evaluation of the seminar by the participants, you don’t pay me anything. Please contact me (15).

(1) Seminars done at the Hope Club Open to non-members. Call # 782-9833 to register.
(2) East Greenbush Community Library
(3) Seminars at Libraries
(4) Feedback Form – Introductory seminar
(5) Hope club – Program flyer
(7) ‘Venture Inward’ Call #518-477-6566 to register
(9) Van Rensselaer Manor Skilled Nursing Facility      Feedback from the aides        Feedback from the Residents
(10) Sixty Plus Group of TRICIA
(11) Support group of TRICIA
(12) First United Methodist Church of East Greenbush
(13) Voorheesville Public Labrary Call the library at 518-765-2791 to register.
(14) Castleton Public Library. Call the library at 518-732-0879 to register.
(15) Contact me
(16) Monthly classes on Meditation, Gentle Yoga, Relationships – Flier PDF
(17) Meditation on breathing – Flier PDF
(18) Gentle Yoga Stretching – Flier PDF
(19) Stressful Relationships – Flier PDF
(20) Rensselaer Public Library Call the library at 518-462-1193 to register.
(21) Solo classes by appointment
(22) Yoga Bliss at 140 Erie Blvd Schenectady NY 12305. Call 894-7086 to register.
(23) Albany Hindu Temple
(24) Columbia Internal Medicine (Office of Padma Sripada MD) at 2500 Pond View, Ste 202, Castleton NY 12033, Please call my cell# 518-956-3433 for registration and leave a message with your name and number so I can call you back to confirm.
(25) Benefits – From Anger to Willpower
(26) Sample testimonials
(27) Address and Directions to Columbia Internal Medicine my daughter’s medical practice where I work and offer the classes        Google map

(28) meetup group for ‘counting breaths meditation’

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