Monthly meetup groups for voluntary donations

These meetups help beginners curious about ‘Counting Breaths Meditation’ and practitioners who wish to periodically refresh and deepen their practice. How this meditation helps can be seen from the sample testimonials at (1) and full range of mind/body benefits at (2). The details of the program are at (3).

Solo classes with payment

On ‘Counting Breaths Meditation’ and allied practices to help with Insomnia, Anxiety, Stress, Phobias, Anger, Grief, Lack of focus, Improving relationships with parents, spouse, children and coworkers. Details are at (4).

Free public seminars at the East Greenbush Community Library

East Greenbush Community Library (5): This two hour seminar is offered six monthly, having started in 2004. Till now nineteen seminars were offered. The seminar is typically offered in January and July. Visit the library website for the next seminar.

(1) Sample testimonials
(2) Benefits – From Anger to Willpower
(3) meetup groups for Beginners and Practitioners
(4) Solo classes by appointment
(5) East Greenbush Community Library

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