Current and Past clients

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Current Clients

  • Grief and Stress due to bereavement: A woman in her sixties whose adult son killed a stranger due to misunderstanding and immediately killed himself. It all started over a road rage incident with another stranger.
  • Insomnia: A businesswoman for Insomnia of many years.
  • Insomnia: A health care professional for chronic insomnia, on Ambien for many years. She attended my seminar for St Peters’ Health employees at Albany Memorial Hospital a few years back.
  • Insomnia: A retired Tech manager for chronic insomnia. She was referred by a family whose sleep problems improved by practicing ‘Focusing on breathing’.

Past clients 

  • Post retirement stress: A retired professor and scientist from India visiting his sons’ families for stress of post retirement. His son who benefited from my classes brought him saying ” My father is the same situation from which you helped me come out!”. The father attended 5 classes over a month. At the last class, he said “You have changed my life!”.
  • Daily headaches and extreme anxiety:Young married man in his thirties. His classes are a combination of face-to-face and on Skype. His recent feedback
  • Chronic pains and anxiety: A woman in her forties for chronic pains from arthritis, anxiety about scheduled surgeries and stress. Her report
  • Severe stress due to husband’s chemotherapy: A woman in her sixties for stress about her husband’s late stage colon cancer. Her report
  • Morbidly controlling husband of 40 years: A woman in her sixties doing the second series of classes to deal with her husband who has been emotionally and verbally abusive all along.
  • A girl in college suffering from chronic problems – GI, autoimmune, insomnia and PTSD. Attended 2 classes. Her mom’s closing report:

    My daughter continues to use the breathing. I know it has been helpful.

    –  It is helping her in controlling her panic attacks.
    – She has been calmer and sleeping better.

  • Stress: A man in his fifties in a neck brace after his neck surgery under a lot of stress.
    Started recently. Referred by a local Pediatrician. His sleep problem was resolved after doing one class.
  • Stress: Wife of the above person, doing the classes along with her husband. Referred by a local Pediatrician. Her stress was resolved using the breathing and some skills for dealing with stressful people in her life.
  • Extreme Anxiety: A woman software professional (40) who had a recent prolonged episode of extreme Anxiety. She completely came out of her spell of anxiety in a few weeks. Her Feedback
  • Insomnia: Young married woman with 2 children in her thirties. She reported her sleep problem is resolved.
  • Depression, Extreme obesity and Life goals: A young man with depression, obesity and severe stress at work. He is achieving remarkable results in reducing depression and extreme obesity of BMI 46. His last Feedback
  • Self esteem and lack of assertiveness: A Young man (30) with low self confidence and lack of assertiveness. He attended my classes before and came back for revisiting the same issues of lower intensity while working in a new job. His last testimonial
Skype and E-mail Classes (Current clients)

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Classes at my office

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