Current and Past clients

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Current Clients

  • Anxiety: A man in sixties for severe anxiety and extreme tightness in his facial muscles.
  • Anger outbursts: A man in thirties for anger outbursts and verbal abuse of his mother, wife and young daughter.

Past clients 

  • Back pain: A woman in thirties for chronic back pain.
  • Stress: A boy in 7th Grade for lack of facial expression and stress in his studies. Lack of smile or any expression on his face was a matter of concern.
  • Stress: A woman in her fifties to work with her emotionally abusive husband.
  • Stress: A woman in her forties to work with her teen age daughter with multiple problems.
  • Depression and addiction to smoking and alcohol: A woman in sixties.
  • Insomnia: A businesswoman for Insomnia of many years.
  • Insomnia: A health care professional for chronic insomnia, on Ambien for many years. She attended my seminar for St Peters’ Health employees at Albany Memorial Hospital a few years back.
  • Chronic Migraines and Anxiety: A woman in her sixties having chronic ocular migraines and severe anxiety.  She was referred by an acupuncturist whom I have been seeing.
  • Insomnia and psych issues: A woman in thirties, a patient of my daughter who had postpartum depression and psychosis that needed emergency treatment in a Psych ward for 3 days. Though she was on drugs and therapy, she had terror dreams and low energy, not able to take care of her children. She was afraid of going alone to any room in her house and taking her 3 year old daughter with her to relieve her anxiety. She is now enjoying god sleep and making steady progress in resuming her normal activities.
    • At her recent visit, she estimated her progress this way: Considering her situation before the postmortem depression to be 10, she deteriorated to 2 after the episode and with all the mindbody practices like breathing, working with thoughts and feelings, she improved to level 5.
    • She left for India and we plan to work on her further progress back to normal through online contacts.
  • Grief and Stress due to bereavement: A woman in her sixties whose adult son killed a stranger due to misunderstanding and immediately killed himself. It all started over a road rage incident with another stranger. Her testimonial
  • Insomnia: Sally (name changed) a retired Tech manager came for chronic insomnia, referred by a woman who did one class along with her son and daughter-in-law. All their sleep problems were resolved by practicing ‘Focusing on breathing’.

Sally attended only one class though she paid for three classes. Her friend who referred her to me emailed “Sally said she is so happy with the results from one session with you and how much better she is sleeping that she doesn’t feel she needs to come back. Your technique is so simple and so effective. Everyone should know it.”

  • Post retirement stress: A retired professor and scientist from India visiting his sons’ families for stress of post retirement. His son who benefited from my classes brought him saying ” My father is the same situation from which you helped me come out!”. The father attended 5 classes over a month. At the last class, he said “You have changed my life!”.
  • Daily headaches and extreme anxiety:Young married man in his thirties. His classes are a combination of face-to-face and on Skype. His recent feedback
  • Chronic pains and anxiety: A woman in her forties for chronic pains from arthritis, anxiety about scheduled surgeries and stress. Her report
  • Severe stress due to husband’s chemotherapy: A woman in her sixties for stress about her husband’s late stage colon cancer. Her report
  • Morbidly controlling husband of 40 years: A woman in her sixties doing the second series of classes to deal with her husband who has been emotionally and verbally abusive all along.
  • A girl in college suffering from chronic problems – GI, autoimmune, insomnia and PTSD. Attended 2 classes. Her mom’s closing report:

    My daughter continues to use the breathing. I know it has been helpful.

    –  It is helping her in controlling her panic attacks.
    – She has been calmer and sleeping better.

  • Stress: A man in his fifties in a neck brace after his neck surgery under a lot of stress.
    Started recently. Referred by a local Pediatrician. His sleep problem was resolved after doing one class.
  • Stress: Wife of the above person, doing the classes along with her husband. Referred by a local Pediatrician. Her stress was resolved using the breathing and some skills for dealing with stressful people in her life.
  • Extreme Anxiety: A woman software professional (40) who had a recent prolonged episode of extreme Anxiety. She completely came out of her spell of anxiety in a few weeks. Her Feedback
  • Insomnia: Young married woman with 2 children in her thirties. She reported her sleep problem is resolved.
  • Depression, Extreme obesity and Life goals: A young man with depression, obesity and severe stress at work. He is achieving remarkable results in reducing depression and extreme obesity of BMI 46. His last Feedback
  • Self esteem and lack of assertiveness: A Young man (30) with low self confidence and lack of assertiveness. He attended my classes before and came back for revisiting the same issues of lower intensity while working in a new job. His last testimonial
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Classes at my office

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