Why on the bed?

On waking up in the morning, most of us continue lying on the bed for a few minutes, till we have to get off the bed. I learned that this period of transition out of sleep, is a great opportunity for tuning the mind and body, like tuning a violin before playing the music. When the mind and body are not tuned , we drag them along throughout the day like heavy burdens. No wonder we feel drained at the end of the day. By tuning the mind and body before getting into the demanding and stressful day time drama, they will serve us like our wonderful associates.

Most people waste these precious idle minutes of transition out of sleep. They simply lie  in the bed, thinking about all kinds of things. As soon as they get off the bed, they rush into their morning activities. This rushing into the day, initiates the cycle of stress, even before leaving the bedroom. The stress of travel to the work place and the demands there, pile up more stress on top of the initial stress. We reach home in the evening, tense, wound up and drained.

A few exceptional people get off the bed and stretch, exercise or practice meditation. They start the day with their battery of calmness fully charged, and their muscles relaxed and supple. Thus they protect themselves from the day time stress and arrive home in much better condition.

I realized that like the majority, once I get off the bed, I become a slave to the daily routine and would never do stretching, exercise or meditation. Therefore I developed an unconventional mind body tuning routine, explained in detail in these pages.  I do it partly on the bed and the rest, off the bed. I complete the whole routine in the bedroom itself. Whenever I need to go to the toilet, in the beginning or during the course of the routine, I finish that task and get back to the bedroom routine.

The waking up routine presented here, evolved from the clues I collected from different sources and experiments on myself. Having enjoyed the big impact it had on me, in the morning and throughout the day, I rarely skip this routine. When I am short of time, I reduce the time spent in each posture or movement, instead of skipping the whole routine. If needed I skip my bath but not the morning stretching routine. I am addicted to it!

When I presented this routine to the people attending my classes, they invariably liked it and most have made it a part of their morning routine.

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