Extended practices

Use the VIDEO as a guide (1). It shows the stretches and movements of the upper body, done sitting on a chair.  You can practice them sitting on the bed. If you are not able to sit cross legged, you can sit on the edge of a chair and practice as shown in the video. Why sit on the edge of a chair or edge of a pillow? When you sit in this manner, the back becomes straight promoting relaxation and energy flow.

Sit cross legged on the edge of a pillow. Practice a series of stretches of the muscles of the jaws, face, eyes, neck, shoulders and hands.

  • Releasing tension in the jaws: We lock up a lot of tension in the jaw muscles without being aware.  This tension spreads to the neck, shoulders, hands and fingers. Here are some practices to release this tension. More….
  • Eye movements: The eye muscles have some link to the muscles of the face, neck and shoulders. They store stress. Moving them in different ways is found to release some stress in the body and mind as well. More….
  • Facial muscles: In each of the following stretches hold the stretch and breathe till you complete 3 breaths. Open your mouth as big as you can, sticking your tongue out as much as you can. More….
  • Neck stretches: These are a series of head movements to stretch the neck muscles all around. More….
  • Shoulder and arms stretches: These are a series of still postures and movements to loosen and stretch the muscles from fingers to toes. More….


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