Waking up postures – Phase II

After practicing the Phase I postures for a few weeks and liking them, try the postures shown in the following video link. If you find some of the postures difficult, skip them for some time. Get back to the skipped ones whenever you can.


This first edition of the video shows most of the postures being done on the floor. They are actually to be done on the bed itself, as soon as you wake up, eyes closed. If you feel chilly, practice with your body covered by the same comforter or blanket that you might have used at night.

The postures described below are also a part of Phase II. These are yet to be added in the video.

  • Child Pose: In this posture the hands are shown in two positions. For the wake up routine, I suggest to keep the hands straight ahead, to bring some stretch in the shoulders. More….

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