Waking up postures – Phase I

When you wake up, continue lying on the bed, under the same blanket or comforter that you might have used for sleeping. Keep your eyes closed. In each posture, be still and practice ‘focusing on breathing’ using one or more of these modes: Tip mode, Segment mode, Counting mode or Feeling mode.

How long to practice? In the beginning, the goal is to become familiar with the postures and see how you feel about them. Over a few weeks, develop a morning routine that enables you to practice each of these postures, long enough to feel significant stretch and then some comfort in the stretched parts.


  • On the back: Lie on your back, head on a thin pillow or no pillow, legs straight and spread out wide and hands by the side of the body, palms up.
  • Turn Left: Turn your body left placing your legs and hands in any comfortable position. The body may not be straight in this position.
  • Turn right: Turn your body right placing your legs and hands in any comfortable position.
  • On your chest: Push the pillow aside and lie on your chest. Turn your head to the left, resting on the right cheek. Rest your hands on the bed like a lizard’s fore legs. Keep your right leg straight. Bend the left leg so that its thigh is at right angles to the body and the lower leg parallel to the body. When you practice the breathing and feel some impact of this posture, reverse the head and leg positions. Be still, till you feel the impact of this posture.

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