Waking up postures

Read this page including the linked pages before practicing the postures shown in the VIDEO at (1). Keep your eyes closed all through. 

In Phase I, your body remains in full contact with the bed, but turns in different directions.

In Phase II, you gradually transition from the lying position to the sitting position. In all these postures, you continuously maintain the focus on breathing, using one or more of the modes.

Practice the Phase I postures for a few weeks. If you like their impact, switch to the Phase II postures.

Phase I

On waking up, continue lying on the bed,  eyes closed. Position your body in four positions – lie on the back, lie on the chest, turn left and turn right. In each posture, be still and focus on the breath for some time. More….

Phase II

If you liked practicing the Phase I postures, try the postures shown in the video, keeping the eyes closed (1). Transition from the lying position to the siting position, stretching more muscles. If you find some postures difficult at the moment, skip them. Get back to these whenever you can. More….

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(1) Waking up postures VIDEO

Parent page: Practices on the bed

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