General guidelines

Follow these convenient guidelines for doing the still postures and the movements. Keep the mind constantly focused on breathing, using the ‘counting mode’ , ‘folding mode’ or ‘tip mode’ (1), (2), (3). Keep your eyes closed. 

To practice a ‘still posture’ for ‘one set’, be still in this posture till you complete counting three breaths. ‘Three sets’ means three sets of three breaths each.

To practice a ‘movement’ for ‘one set’, repeat this movement, till you count three breaths. Three ‘sets’ means repeat this movement, till you complete counting three sets of three breaths. Don’t count the movements but count the breaths, irrespective of the number of movements during the target number of breaths.

Try the postures in the sequence presented. Feel free to add more postures or delete some or change their sequence, based on whatever makes you feel better.

Whenever you go to the bath room, either before or during the routine, drink one to two cups (cup = 8 Fl Oz or 250ml) of lukewarm or normal water from the faucet. Keep a cup in the bath room to avoid going to the kitchen to get it.

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(1) Counting mode
(2) Folding mode
(3) Tip mode

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