Morning exercise


Please read the following suggestions before doing the exercises shown in the VIDEO. 

This set of exercises is to bring vigorous stretching movements and get the blood racing throughout the body, to get out of the sleepy state. These strengthen the core muscles and wake up most of the muscles and joints from their sleepy state. 

I suggest these be done immediately following the ‘Different postures on the bed’ at (1).

The video shows one or more cycles of movements. Try each of them for one to two cycles. See how you feel.  Skip whatever you find too hard. Gradually increase the others based on your body condition.

At the end of this exercise relax deeply as explained at (2).

At the end of this exercise the mind and body are fully charged. You will be ready to ride over the inevitable stresses that will arise during the day ahead.

Then begin the usual morning activities with a fully charged mind and body.

Follow this up with the ‘Daytime practice’ (3).

Then you will not be accumulating stress during the busy day. Instead, you will enjoy your work. You can finally return home without feeling drained out and be present mentally and physically with your family.

(1) Different postures on the bed Phase II
(2) Deep relaxation to eliminate fatigue
(3) Daytime practice

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