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This is my short explanation for “Why am I so keen in teaching this technique to children?”

I find that most adults suffering from the impact of stress are not able to use this simple and doable technique which can significantly reduce their stress. They simply can not get out of the current deep grooves of thinking and behaving, even when aware that these habits are causing their suffering. It is like a smoking addict not able to quit smoking, though aware of it s serious health hazards. But in my experiments over last 8 years, I found most children can easily learn and practice this technique on their own, with proven benefits. It therefore makes sense to me, to help them develop this skill, like other skills they are currently taught – counting numbers 1, 2, 3, reading letters A, b, C or interacting with others. Moreover, this technique also improves their focusing capacity, self control and behavior. It helps them perform better in academics, sports, arts, or any other activity. Once they are trained in this technique, they will not only be protected from stress and it’s extensive damages but also become better performers in all their activities.

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