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This is my detailed explanation for “Why teach this technique to children?”.

I began my practice of ‘Focusing on breathing’ on waking up in the morning, still lying on the bed, at night, to get sleep, then at other times of the day, including walking. I experienced unexpected comfort in mind and body. Practicing this technique while lying on the bed, to get sleep, is not found in traditional teaching.

In my experiments with about 100 adults in the year 2002, I could see that some of them practiced only at bed time to get sleep, but even this tiny practice resulted in visible changes in their faces and even changed their habitual behaviors like anger outbursts.

More practice during the wandering times of the mind resulted in remarkable benefits for mind, body and relationships. People of all ages, income and education levels reported benefits. The practitioners derived these benefits without spending their useful time or money. They voluntarily picked up my documents displayed at the factory where I worked, read them, understood the technique and practiced on their own. They did not receive any personal training nor followed any rules. The return on their efforts was infinity. How? Because their investment of useful time or money was zero but the benefits derived were positive, any number divided by zero being infinity.

Moreover, most people who began the practice and tasted the benefits, the least of which was getting quality sleep became addicted to the practice. They continued the practice on their own, deriving continuous benefits. This is a unique combination of a simple self help technique coupled with an excuse-free mode of practice which could help every beginner like me.

I felt that some higher power developed this unique mode of practicing lying in the bed to get sleep through me and it should not die with me. It should live beyond my life time and spread to all parts of the world like yoga.

I made persistent efforts to share it mostly through printed hand outs and a few introductory seminars. I tried to induce my friends and colleagues in my company, to try the method at bed time, lying on the bed without spending their useful time. A small percentage of them were positive. Some tried for a few days and gave up. Some firmly said they did not even like to try it. I realized that people had deep seated inner resistance for making any change in their established routines, even to try it lying in the bed and waiting for sleep. I had to search for other potential beneficiaries.

I thought children may be more receptive, as their minds were not yet deeply conditioned. I got a clue from a parent practitioner on how this technique made a change in their two children’s behavior. He was an electrician who worked in my company in India, attended a series of my classes and enjoyed practicing the technique. He taught this technique to his children on his own initiative and asked them to practice at bed time, to get sleep. Within two days of practice, to his surprise, his two children were out of bed before he and his wife woke up. Before they practiced the technique, his children had to be goaded out of the bed, to get ready for school.

I decided to focus on teaching to children through variety of routes in India during 2002 in India and from 2003 after I settled permanently in the USA.

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