Training Children

Why teach this technique to children?
Why have I been pursuing the teaching of this technique to children with sustained interest? There is a short explanation and a long one. More….

Trials in India
I conducted weekly classes for about twelve interested teachers in my company school in India, over a period of 3 months in the year 2002 (1).  My hope was that they would teach it to their students. Many of them were practicing. More….

Proven in USA
I made a beginning with children in the year 2005, with a summer camp for children at the Albany Hindu Temple, attended by 27 children. The class duration was 30 minutes. More….

How to train children? 
Adults need to demonstrate the modes and practice along with them, for a few sessions (2). Once introduced, they readily absorb the technique.  Whenever they feel the need to comfort themselves, they use it as their own tool without prompting by adults. More….

(1) ITC PSPD paper boards plant at Bhadrachalam in South India
(2) How can I ‘Focus on breathing’?

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