What Are The Benefits?

Here are GLIMPSES of benefits reported by the practitioners of all ages – from the mom of a 2 year old child to seniors. They show its immense potential.  Large variety from A to S with MULTIPLE ANECDOTES in each category are at (1). Endorsements from professionals are at (2).


Children in a school
“One of the ways we help children cope with stress at Robert C. Parker School is by practicing the simple mindful breathing taught us by C.S. The breathing technique is practiced regularly by almost all the children in the school.” Endorsement by Meg Taylor, Director of Robert C. Parker School Wynantskill NY in her blog spot dt Dec 1, 2009 (look in the archives for Dec 1 under the title ‘Children and Anxiety’)

2 years old girl
“I have a 2 year old daughter who was not sleeping well at night.  She would constantly toss and turn all night and come morning time when I would go in to wake her up, she was absolutely miserable. I was then introduced to the’ counting breaths’ method. I tried it with my daughter. To my surprise the next day, I woke up a completely differently little girl…. or so it seemed. She was much happier and more co-operative with me than the previous mornings.  I also tried this method with her time out if she misbehaves. Once again to my surprise it worked. Within a few moments, she would become much calmer and more relaxed. “      Mother: Tara Wescott

9-15 years

  • I count my breaths when I am mad at my sister (4 year old), so I don’t punch her – Boy 9 years.
  • I count my breaths in car, in bed in the morning, and when in angry mood.  It prevents being car sick, get active and awake and calm down.  – Boy 9 years.
  • I count my breaths before I go to bed. It helps me fall asleep. – Girl 10 years.
  • I count my breaths in bed, on the bus and when bored. It helps me in calming myself when mad, in concentrating and when I get bored. – Girl 12 years.
  • Counting my breaths helps me think about things and not be bored. – Boy 10 years.

Anger: See comments from children 9-15 years above.

Anxiety: See Dr. Padma Sripada’s comments at the end.

Asthma: One boy of 10 years was under daily medication for controlling his asthma. Over a few months of practicing this technique at bed time, he could significantly reduce the frequency of medication. After about 2 years, his doctor told him that he need not see him monthly but could visit once in 6 months due to the improvement in his asthma.

Concentration: “I came to know about your ‘counting breaths’ method from a brochure I found at the Albany Hindu Temple. I am preparing for USMLE exam due in August 09 and I am really tensed at the moment. I have been practicing the method since 2 days and I am really feeling very much relieved of my stress. And I am able to concentrate better on my studies” A student preparing for Medical Residency Exam in USA.

Dental Work: The mother of a 10 year old boy who attended my classes said happily “My son was terrified of getting any dental work done. I had to postpone his visits several times. After I learned ‘Counting Breaths’, I taught this method to him at home and made him practice for a few days. When he was sitting in the dentist’s chair, I sat beside him and continuously said’ “breathe, breathe … ‘. For the first time, he had his dental visit without the usual panic”.

Depression: “This technique helped me tremendously. Seven years ago, I lost my daughter and I went into deep depression and chronic anxiety, in spite of medications. I started using the breathing technique and I got to say, it was very helpful. For the first time in seven years, I feel my depression has lifted.” A woman aged 70 years.

Hypertension: A lady was regularly visiting her doctor for hypertension. Whenever she visited the doctor, her blood pressure was showing very high. She learned the relaxation methods in my classes and was determined to get over this problem. One day, she went to the doctor’s office well ahead of time and practiced counting breaths for about 20 minutes. For the first time, the doctor found her pressure normal. She reported this with a beaming face.

Infertility treatment: Two couples with a history of many years of unsuccessful treatments for fertility succeeded after reducing their stress individually and between them by practicing this technique. The specialist showed one woman how her reproductive hormones improved dramatically over a period and made the treatment successful.

Insomnia: This is the most common benefit. Children of 5 years to seniors, whoever tried it, are able to sleep easily. See Dr. Sripada’s comments on how it helped avoid medications for some insomniacs.

Job Stress: The principal and vice principal of a school, with about 1000 students, were in a lot of tension due to harassment, from parents visiting them and pressurizing them for admissions, improvement of marks, etc. After they started practicing this method, their response to the situation totally changed. They were able to listen to the parents patiently and send them off with a smile.

Migraine: A 53 year old person was suffering from migraine pains once a week, lasting a whole day, since 30 years. He was bearing the pain without taking any medicines, as the pain relievers were making him drowsy. Within 2 months of practicing the method, his migraine totally stopped and did not recur even once in 6 months. He initially practiced the method for mental comfort, without expecting any relief from migraine. This benefit came as a pleasant side effect!

Obesity: The senior librarian of the local library said he was practicing this technique mostly at bed time and enjoyed good sleep. He also lost 15 pounds. Asked how did it happen, he put both his index fingers at his temples and said “It is all here!”.

Panic Attacks: See Dr. Sripada’s comments at the end.

Pains (Chronic):

  • “I practiced the ‘segment’ mode last four days, for about 30 minutes. The pains are reduced immediately and stay that way, for a few hours. I am also doing the light stretching exercises twice a day and they are helping me in healing the arthritic pains and also in sleeping through the night.”
  • “These breathing techniques have helped me sleep at night and reduced my Fibromyalgia pains that I have beensuffering since last 19 years. Now I am able to do my chores at home like vacuuming and also drive after a gap of many years!’

Quitting Smoking: “I was smoking a pack and half a day. I was introduced to the ‘counting breaths’ methods. After just a week of doing the method, once in the morning and right before bed, I was able to cut down smoking down to around 15 cigarettes a day from the previous 20 a day, by doing nothing more than the method. I now do it throughout the day and I am down to about 4 cigarettes a day. These are all due to doing the method: I am more relaxed and I don’t need to lash out at everybody because I am edgy. The best part is, it costs me nothing to do, except for my effort into it. I didn’t need any outside help like gum or patches; I did it on my own which is a great feeling. I highly recommend this for anyone of any age.”

Smiling Face: The grim non-smiling faces of the practitioners gradually change to a softer and happy smiling look, over a few months.

Stuttering: A 55 year old person was stuttering for more than 40 years. He extended the practice even into his daily walking at any place. Within 2 months, his speech showed some improvement. In about 9 months, it was 90% normal.

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(1) Helping mind, body and relationships
(2) Professional endorsements

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