Falling asleep ‘FOB’

FOB is short for ‘Focusing on breathing’.

“Every night when I go to sleep, I die. When I wake up the next morning, I am reborn.” Gandhi

Many people feel frustrated with the racing thoughts that block their badly  needed sleep. When you practice this technique, the flow of thoughts is dramatically reduced, you will easily fall asleep and enjoy quality sleep. 

How do we do it?

Lie down in your regular posture. Cover yourself as needed. Close your eyes. Start practicing the ‘Segment mode’ (1). On completing a few hands, you will feel sleepy. Your fingers may want to relax and don’t like to move! Switch to the ‘Counting mode’ (2). After a while, you may feel even more sleepy. You mind wants to relax and doesn’t like to count. Switch to the ‘Feeling mode’ (3).

Don’t try to change the pattern of breathing. It is OK if the pattern changes by itself. You will be surprised at how happily you are able to fall asleep! (4)

If your wake up in sleep
Many people get frustrated at not being able to fall asleep once their sleep is interrupted. You will be able to get back to sleep easily, using the above sequence of modes.


This is a powerful practice.

It relaxes the tense  muscles all over the body – hands, legs, trunk, neck and face.  It helps you smoothly enter the sleep state and enjoy good quality sleep with less interruptions for longer hours.

The healing initiated while falling asleep will continue during sleep. When you routinely practice the technique at bedtime and enjoy 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep, your stress level plummets. A new chapter opens in your life.

People who practiced only to get sleep, reported significant benefits for mind, body and relationships. If you take a close up photo of your face now and after 4-6 months practicing this technique, you will see a visible change in your face!

Numerous success stories  on improving sleep and eliminating insomnia are at (5).

(1) Segment mode
(2) Counting mode
(3) Feeling mode
(4) ‘How to enjoy quality sleep and conquer insomnia by ‘Focusing on breathing’   Webpage    PDF
(5) Relief from insomnia Numerous success stories

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