Focusing on breathing – Level I

The ‘focusing on breathing’ practices presented here are different from Yogic breathing practices which prescribes rules for breathing  in, breathing out and holding the breath. We have to learn them from a Yoga teacher to avoid any harm. 

In contrast, these do not recommend any pattern for breathing, except in one mode. We passively watch the breaths, like watching the actors on a movie screen. These practices are totally safe whatever way they are done, even by children. 

How can I focus on breathing?

Six modes of ”Focusing on breathing’ are presented for beginners: Folding mode, Tip mode, Segment mode, Counting mode, Feeling mode, Staring mode and ‘911’ mode (1). Try each one of them for a few minutes. Use whatever mode works for you, at a particular time.

When can I practice?

In the beginning, practice when lying on the bed and waiting for sleep! When you like its effect , practice again on waking up, before leaving the bed.

Waiting for sleep: Focusing on breathing reduces the flow of thoughts and calms the mind (2). The muscles all over your body gradually relax, inducing sleep in a short time.

Waking up: Practice immediately on waking up, still lying on the bed half asleep, eyes closed (3). This has a tuning effect on the mind and body, laying a good foundation for a stress free working day. 

What are the benefits?

Practitioners gain relief from variety of problems: Anger, Anxiety, Asthma, Lack of Concentration, Anxiety in Dental work, Depression, Hypertension, repeated failure of Infertility treatments, Insomnia, Job stress, Migraine, Obesity, Panic attacks, Chronic pains, Smoking, Smiling and Stuttering. More at (4).

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(1) How can I ‘focus on breathing?’
(2) Waiting for sleep
(3) Waking up routine
(4) Benefits

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