Practicing ‘Focusing on breathing’ while driving

This is Step-3 of ‘Driving like a Buddha’ (1). It should be attempted only after the preceding two steps (2) have become automatic habits.

Try one or more of the following steps to use this technique while driving.

  •  Use the ‘Folding mode’ (3): Develop this practice when driving on a hassle-free road without frequent lane changes. Start with one hand. Fold the tip of the little finger over the rim of the steering wheel. Breathe three times. Let it go. Fold the tip of the ring finger (finger adjacent to the little finger) and breathe three times. Let this finger go. Repeat the same process at the next three fingers ending with the thumb. Switch to the other hand and repeat the same process. Don’t mind any interruptions to the process due to traffic changes. As soon as the traffic stabilizes, restart the practice from the little finger, forgetting the last finger used.
  • Practice the ‘Counting mode’ (4): When driving on long and straight roads, practice this mode, counting breaths  in sets of three without using the fingers.
  • Practice the ‘Feeling mode’ (5): In short spells, you can use the simpler ‘Feeling mode’ – just feeling the cool sensation inside the nose when breathing in without using the fingers or counting. Even a couple of breaths will abort the expanding wave of tension in the mind.

(1) How to drive like a Buddha
(2) Step -1: How to enjoy quality sleep and conquer insomnia & Waking up routine  Step-2:  Focusing on breathing during driving interruptions
(3) Folding mode
(4) Counting mode
(5) Feeling mode

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