How to drive like a Buddha (1)

Driving can be stressful and even dangerous, unless the driver has two skills – able to keep the focus on the driving activity and be able to respond to the inevitable stressful events during driving with a cool mind. ‘Focusing on breathing’ is a great tool for both acquiring and honing these two skills. Let us see the 1-2-3 steps for achieving these very useful skills.

Step 1
Master the basic technique of ‘Focusing on breathing’ (FOB) at bedtime (2), on waking up (3), and in the daytime (4). Over a few months, FOB becomes a spontaneous practice, happening on its own.

Step 2
Use FOB during all the routine and non-routine stoppages during which you impatiently wait for a few seconds to minutes – watching the traffic to take a left or a right turn, merging onto a busy road or highway, stopped at a ‘STOP’ sign, stopped at the red light waiting for the green light and crawling at the toll gates or traffic jams. More at (5).

Step 3
The final step is to practice FOB while driving on a hassle free highway without much traffic. More at (6).

(1) Buddha – Wiki page
(2) How to enjoy quality sleep and conquer insomnia
(3) Waking up routine
(4) Daytime practice
(5) Practicing during driving interruptions
(6) Practicing while actually driving

Parent page: Phase I – Daytime practice

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