‘Focusing on breathing’ during driving interruptions

Driving interruptions can be instant stress triggers for impatient people and may lead to road rage. Getting stressed while driving is not good for the driver’s health and may even be dangerous for the other drivers on the road.  ‘Focusing on breathing’ (FOB) (1) can be a handy skill to maintain a cool mind during these stressful periods.  When and how can we use this technique? 

Over a few months, this practice becomes spontaneous. As soon as you are on the road, the breathing practice kicks in! Believe me, I am saying this from my personal experience.

Stopped at the red light: Practice the combination of ‘Staring mode’ (2) and the ‘Counting mode’ (3).
It is funny to recollect what one of my clients said after 3 weeks of beginning the practicing ‘Focusing on breathing’. “I practice the ‘Staring mode’ when waiting at a red light. I find myself being disappointed when the light turns green, as it interrupts my breathing practice!”. Just the opposite of the usual experience!

Stopped at the intersection or end of a ramp, to merge onto a busy road: Practice the ‘Counting mode’ (3) or the ‘Feeling mode’ (4).

Crawling at the toll gate: Practice the ‘Feeling mode’ (4).

Stuck in a traffic jam: Practice any of your choice modes.

(1) How can I Focus on breathing?
(2) Staring mode
(3) Counting mode
(4) Feeling mode

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