Meditation Practice – Updates

August 2015

Since about 2 years I stopped doing the waking up routine on the bed because I have not been feeling groggy or stiffness of body. After completing my toilet need, I sit on the carpeted floor on a blanket that I use just for meditation and exercise.

I sit like this for not more than an hour by which time my body becomes free of stiffness, pain or heaviness. Before, I needed 15 to 30 minutes more to see the same change in my body.

Since last couple of months, I have been playing variety of Indian devotional music set to classical music (called ‘bhajans’) from Youtube in my tablet, in low volume. I find them very soothing.  I don’t get bored or become impatient to end the practice. The end result for mind and body is same.

I rarely missed my morning practice. Even when on vacation or at the home of relatives/friend we were visiting or in a hotel room, I did not forego my morning practice.

I place my hands on my thighs palms up. The elbows are close to my body, letting my trunk find its balance on my hips, unrestrained by my hands.

When listening to devotional music I do not chant.

I feel quite fatigued at the end of meditation. Not to begin the day with this feeling, I lie down on the same blanket sideways, resting my head on folded my hand like a pillow and practice the ‘folding mode’ or ‘tip mode’. After completing 3 pairs of hands, I feel completely refreshed. Some days, I fall back to sleep unintentionally, for about 20 minutes.

I feel my body supple and flexible ready for some stretching and exercise.

Hardly a negative thought or feeling arises in my mind. This has been the case for quite some time.

Physical practices: I practice the Stretching for beginners – Sitting before I close the meditation session and stand up (5). Some days I practice the Morning exercise (6).

Oct 2014

From around January 2014 I changed my morning routine. The sequence of activities is presented below. I do my meditation in my bedroom located on the second floor. 

Wake up between 7  and 7.30 am and go the bathroom if needed and get back to the bed. I transition from the lying position to the sitting position, in a series of postures. Then I leave the bed, brush my teeth and shave.  More….

Dec 2012

Over the last 6 months, I totally changed my waking up routine. After I wake up in the bed, my body transitions from the lying flat position to the sitting position, in a series of postures as shown in my video  ‘Waking up routine’ (1). Currently, by the time I leave the bed, my meditation is also done.

This whole routine from waking up to completion of meditation takes about one and half hours. Any time during this routine, if I feel the urge to go to the bath room, I break the routine and go to the bath room. When  I break in this manner I complete only the toilet need and immediately resume the routine from where I left.

Due to my revised waking up routine (2), I am able to sit on the edge of the pillow directly in the Lotus pose (3).

I mostly place both hands in my lap, palms facing up. I place one over the other, tips of the thumbs touching. Towards the end, I place the hands in the ‘namaste’ position (4).

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(1) ‘Waking up routine’ – VIDEO
(2) Waking up ‘Focusing on breathing’
(3) Lotus pose
(4) Hands in Namaste pose
(5) Stretching for beginners – Sitting
(6) Morning exercise

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