Benefits for the body

Years back, all the parts of my body, from feet to scalp were very stiff, like they were in a cast of plaster. I remember the barber in my town in India trying to massage my scalp and saying that it did not move at all – even the scalp was frozen stiff! Gradually, tiny bit by tiny bit, my body has become loose. I have done the prolonged meditation thousands of times by no. I now see that in about 1 ½ hrs, all the parts of my body – top of head to toes and finger tips, become soft and flexible, like they are made of flexible rubber with practically no pain, stiffness, numbness or discomfort. I begin to feel the softening of the rigid muscles and consequent tiny movements in about 30 minutes, specially in my waist, shoulders and neck.

This great change in my muscles was not happening from the beginning time of my practice of meditation. Only the back was softening that too, only partially, even after 1 ½ hours. The softening extended into other parts, like oil dropped on a cloth slowly spreads in all directions. I have seen a repetitive sequence in the spreading of the relaxation effect which I observed hundreds of times. It happens in this sequence – back, waist, shoulders, arms, palms and fingers, neck, face forehead, thighs, knees, calves, feet and toes, face, top of head. Only recently, I am seeing this softening in my toes, after 5 years! Another observation is the speed at which this relaxation takes place. The changes that were happening only after an hour now happen in half the time.

Lastly, all these years, for some reason, I have been experiencing lot of air and gas escaping from my body when I begin meditation. It was too much on empty stomach due to hyper acidity and reduced when I started eating small quantities of food frequently, as advised by my daughter. The passing of air/ gas was happening almost throughout the meditation period. As soon as it happens, some part of my body feels relaxed. Gradually the frequency and quantity of air/gas has reduced significantly. Now, it starts only towards the end and not as intense as before. On some days it is hardly any.

I have been observing the color of the skin in my hands, feet and toe nails closely over these years. I find that the color has been changing from darker to lighter shade. The toe nails that were dark are becoming clear and transparent. There were 4 big dark patches on my calves, itching at least once a day. Gradually 3 of them totally cleared up, showing normal skin and the last patch itches only on some days. But I find new patches coming up and resolving slowly.

I see some changes in my face. Deep and dark sockets under the eyes are lighter in color. The deep sockets are filling up from the outer ends, as though the skin in those places is getting healthier. I see that the two long standing creases between my eye brows are gradually softening. One of them is filling up and the length of another is reducing. I do not see a dramatic change but the trend is beyond doubt.

Sometimes I become aware of the muscles of my forehead or mouth, being tight. Usually this happens when a negative thought or feeling about myself or others appears in the mind. As soon as I become aware of these tight muscles, they get relaxed by themselves. As they relax, the negatives in the mind also dissolve. While driving, I suddenly realize that I am gripping the steering wheel unnecessarily hard. When I realize it my grip becomes normal.

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