‘Lying Meditation’ for deep relaxation

Practice ‘Lying meditation’ using the ‘Segment mode’ when there is no chance of falling asleep – on waking up in the bed, specially on the weekends, during the day before breakfast or before dinner (1).

Lie on your back on a soft but firm surface, like the carpeted floor.

Rest your head on the floor or on a thin pillow.

Place two pillows below your knees to relax the legs. Spread your legs to a comfortable angle.

Lay your hands flat by your side, palms up, at a comfortable angle.

If you can’t lie down in the above posture due to your body structure, adopt any comfortable posture that does not strain your body. Try lying down sideways with the legs flexed at the knees. Experiment and work out your own set up.

Keep your body still. Practice the ‘Segment mode’ to start with, for about 20 minutes. See how you feel. If you like the calming and relaxing effect, step up gradually to 30 minutes, 45 minutes, to one hour or more. There is no minimum or maximum time. Longer you do this, deeper the relaxation penetrates into your body. Initially, you feel the relaxation in the trunk and gradually it spreads into the legs to toes, hands to fingers and shoulders, neck and face to top of head. Its impact is unbelievable.

Practice like this twice a day on weekends. Then introduce the practice into the weekdays depending on your daily routine. The most useful time is when you return from work with all the stress stuffed onto you. As soon as you come home, eat a small snack or drink something, and practice this. Another great time is after a workout after the cooling routine.

In the beginning, you will be impatient thinking “when will this boring routine end?“. Bear with this impatience. It is a common initial hiccup.  Set an alarm to the targeted time and avert you mind towards breathing and counting, to avoid obsessing about the time.

In a few weeks, you will become addicted to this healing practice!

You will reap immense benefits. In a few weeks, you will feel overall looseness in the muscles, including the painful, stiff and frozen ones. being cAlm becomes your nature.

(1) Segment mode

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