Why repeat the number being counted?

Repeating the number is to keep the mind continuously engaged on the silent pronunciation of that number throughout the out-breath, right up to it’s end.

Though three repetitions are suggested in the modes, you may repeat two times or just only once, depending on the length of the out-breath. It is fine to use different number of repetitions at different times. Try different repetitions and practice the one that does not stress you and induces relaxation.

It is a common experience that in the beginning, the out-breath is short and you may be able to say the number only once. Gradually, as the practice continues, the out-breath becomes longer and you may be able to repeat two, three or more times. The longer the out-breath, higher the relaxation effect.

You may like to prolong the sounds using a musical style –

First exhalation – ‘Ooo…..nnn..e’,

Second exhalation – ‘Twooo….’,

Third exhalation – ‘Threeee…..’.

Experiment with different styles and go with what makes you feel more relaxed.

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