Staring mode

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When the eyes don’t have any task, they tend to wander, causing stress. In this practice, you select a very small target visible right in front of you without having to turn or bend the head. Examples: a mark, nail hole or nail head on the wall in front of you, the tip of the branch of a tree, a small spot in a picture hanging on the wall and such. If a small target is not readily available before your eyes, focus on the edge of something or a corner. Anything easy to focus on is good. It should not be a moving or blinking target.

At the red light: The best example for this is when you are in a car, waiting for the red traffic light to turn green. Select any one of red light and don’t change your selection if there are two red lights. Without diverting your attention to any other things in your surroundings, like cars or people in the cars or nature etc, watch keenly how the particular red light looks. How many red dots are glowing, their pattern and intensity. You will discover that all red lights do not look exactly same! While continuously looking at the red light, practice breath ‘Counting mode’, ‘911 mode’ or ‘Feeling mode’ (1).

Keep on doing this, till the red light turns green and start driving. Is this not the most sensible way of passing time when waiting at the red light?

When you select other targets, practice as long as you have time and enjoy the calming effect.

Benefits: It has a distinct calming effect on the mind and relaxes the body. At the red light, this practice will prevent impatience, frustration and road rage. Every red light is an opportunity to get relaxed, rather than irritated! Welcome the red lights, you no choice any way! Children 9- 15 years liked this mode most among all the modes.

“I don’t like the green light!”: It is funny to recollect what one of my clients said after 3 weeks of beginning the practicing ‘Focusing on breathing’.

”I practice the ‘Staring mode’ when waiting at a red light. I find myself being disappointed when the light turns green, as it interrupts my breathing practice”.

(1) How Can I Focus On Breathing? for different modes of breathing
(2) Audio file

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