Quick Segment Mode

Practicing this mode is especially useful when you wake up in the morning but still lying in the bed. Think of it as ‘Lying meditation’. It tunes the mind and body, making a great beginning for the day and very effective in relaxing the stiff muscles.  

On waking up, visit the bathroom if needed and get back to the bed. Cover yourself as needed. Spread your legs wide to give support to the legs, A better idea is to place a pillow below each knee to totally relax the legs.

Begin practicing this mode starting with any one hand, say the left hand. The fingers of this hand will be busy tracking the breaths. At this time, the right hand is idle but its fingers are put in the classic meditation finger lock (called ‘Gyan Mudra’ in Yoga) explained below.

Meditation finger lock for the idle hand (called ‘Gyan mudra’ in Yoga): Keep the tips of the thumb and index fingers touching. Straighten the other three fingers, touching each other, closing the gaps along their lengths. See link at (2) for more info. with  picture.

Tracking the breaths with the left hand fingers: Every finger has two cross lines, dividing it into three parts called segments. Place the tip of the thumb at the top segment of the little finger. Breathe in, feeling the coolness inside the nose. When breathing out, silently and slowly say the number ‘Ooone – Ooone – Ooone’ like a chant. Keep these sounds alive in the mind, as long as you are breathing out. Move the thumb to the middle segment. Breathe in feeling the coolness inside the nose. When breathing out, silently say ‘twoo – twoo – twoo’. Move the thumb to the bottom segment of the little finger. Breathe in feeling the coolness inside the nose. When breathing out, silently count ‘threee –  threee – threee’.

Repeat the same steps at the next three fingers – ring finger, middle finger and index finger. At the thumb, place the tip of the index finger on its segments and follow the same steps.

Then switch to the right hand and repeat the same practice. This time, the left hand becomes idle and its fingers are put in the Meditation finger lock (2).

Why we repeat each of the numbers is explained at (1).

Continue practicing, switching the roles of the hands, as long as you can. To be convinced about the amazing effect of this practice on the mind and body, try it on weekends for an extended time, let us say till you complete eight pairs of hands.  You will feel your fingers, shoulders, neck and toes become limp! You will see that there will be practically no thoughts during this practice. Quite an achievement for such a simple technique practiced lying down!

(1) Why repeat each number?
(2) Gyan mudra

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