Folding mode – Step by step instructions


In this mode we flex one finger at a time and count three breaths silently.
Even children can do it. It calms the mind and improves focus.

Step by step instructions

Please note these general instructions on breathing:
You do not have to breathe deeply. Breathe in a relaxed manner. Every time you breathe in, feel the coolness in the nose. Every time you breathe out, count that breath number silently.

To begin with, practice lying down in a comfortable posture, let us say, on your back with the hands by your side. Keep your palms up about six inches away from your body. If you need a pillow, use a thin one. Spread your legs wide, relaxing all the leg muscles. Close your eyes.

Gently flex the little finger of the left hand. If the adjacent finger also moves in sympathy, ignore it.

Breathe in first time. Breathing out, say ‘one – one – one’.
Breathe in second time. Breathing out, say ‘two – two – two’.
Breathe in third time. Breathing out, say ‘three – three – three’.

Release the little finger.

Count three breaths, at each of the next four fingers.

Now, switch to the right hand and count three breaths, at each of its fingers.

Practice as long as you like, switching the hands.

If you liked practicing lying down, try other options: sitting and standing, eyes closed and eyes open.

A common question

Why do we repeat the number three times? This is to engage the mind on that number, throughout the out-breath.

In the beginning, the out-breath may be short. You may be able to say the number only once. It is OK. Gradually, the out-breath becomes longer by itself. You may be able to say the number two to three times which will make you feel more relaxed.

Enjoy the calming effect of this simple practice. If you have any questions, you can E-mail me, or call me.

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