911 mode

The Audio file is at (1). Step by step instructions are at (2).

This is an easy and effective emergency technique. 

Breathe in quickly through the nose, feeling the coolness inside the nose. If your nose is stuffy, breathe in through the mouth. Breath out through the mouth with the lips slightly open at the middle, like blowing through an imaginary straw held between the lips. Feel the air streaming through the lips.

Some respiratory therapists suggest their patients to practice this technique by silently saying different phrases. One suggestion: During the in-breath, say silently ‘Smelling the coffee’. During the out-breath, say silently ‘Blowing the candle’.

When you are in distress, pain, panicky, feeling lost etc., you can quickly regain self control by practicing this mode 5 to 10 times. If you feel uncomfortable, change to any other mode till your feel normal. Then resume 911. Continue alternating these practices, till the distress comes under control. Without a break, continue one of the other modes to retain the control.

Use this great method freely whenever you feel tense, stressed, worried, depressed, or bothered by disturbing thoughts or moods. Also in acute physical pain to avoid panic. The signal to activate this practice is feeling tension in some muscles from forehead to finger tips/toes.


It releases the tense muscles of the jaws, face and other parts up to the finger tips and toes. It aborts the nascent tension in their muscles and the associated stressful thoughts. Practicing for extended time in the morning relaxes the stiff muscles and generates wakefulness. It puts out the bothering thoughts as effectively as a water jet puts out the flames.

(1) Audio File
(2) Strep by step instructions

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