Drinking Water – Right Quantity at the Right Time

This method benefits the body (includes the brain) directly. The mental processes benefit indirectly, due to a more healthy body.

You have to drink at least 8 cups (one cup is 240 ml) of plain water, close to body temperature, every day, to meet the body’ needs. But this should not be in a random manner.

The times at which you drink water should be coordinated with eating food, so that the digestion process is not adversely affected. The author of the book titled “Your body’s many cries for water” (1) recommends


  • Don’t drink while eating any kind of food. Chew the solid food inside the mouth till it becomes a paste or liquid and then swallow it. If it is a liquid, sip small quantities, retaining each mouthful in the mouth and enjoying its taste. No rushing or gulping.
  • Don’t drink until two and half hours after any meal. Don’t drink until an hour after break fast.


  • Drink one and half to two cups of water in the morning, as soon as you wake up before you drink any other beverage like coffee or tea.
  • Drink two cups, half an hour before lunch.
  • Drink two cups half an hour before dinner.
  • Rest of the 2 cups at any other times, following the ‘Do’ and ‘Don’t’s.

Success Stories

  • A extremely obese person with BMI of 46 and waist girth of 46 inches has been coming to my classes. He practiced this method for about a month. Before this practice, he was drinking about 20 cans of beer per week. Gradually his beer has come down to 3 – 5 cans per week. He feels perhaps he was using beer to quench his thirst instead of drinking water.  Also his caloric consumption has come down dramatically under my guidance.
  • I have been practicing this for more many years. It has given me lot of relief from stomach related problems. I found remarkable effect in not feeling any drowsiness after heavy lunches at our company meetings.
  • A person was suffering for many years from stomach pains but his doctors were not able to find any thing wrong. He was taking medicines for years but suffering a lot. His face was shrunk and lifeless. After he started this practice of drinking water (to start with, only 2 glasses in the morning) he got remarkable relief in about 2 weeks. After some time, he totally got relieved and stopped all medication. His face got a new look with healthy cheeks.
  • A neighbor of ours followed this method for a month. He reported that he could totally discontinue his two years old daily practice of taking antacids. It has become a permanent habit for him.

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(1) Book: Your body’s many cries for water by F. Batmanghelidj

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