‘Neti pot’ – For stuffy nose and sinus problems

One common problem for ‘focusing on breathing’ is a stuffy nose, running nose or sinus infection (1). One proven Yoga self therapy for resolving this problem is to use a ‘Neti Pot’ available at Walmart or any other drug store (costs about $15)  or on-line. Follow the directions that come with the pot. Once you exhaust the salt packets that are supplied with the pot, you can safely use regular table salt of same quantity.  More help at (2).

Using the Neti Pot

Buy the Neti pot and use it per the given instructions to abort common colds and cure even chronic sinus infection prevailing for many years. For common colds, use it twice a day, as soon as you see the slightest signs of a cold. Do this for two days. Then the proverbial week long cold will almost disappear in two days. I helped more than 30 people, including children 7 years old, in using this technique with remarkable relief.

After completing the neti process and blowing out the water from the nostrils, follow this supplementary practice suggested by a Yoga teacher. Cut the nail from one of your ring fingers (finger adjacent to the little finger) as close as close as possible as you will be using it to smear oil inside the nostrils. Dip just the tip of this finger in any edible oil in the kitchen, to get a thin coating of the oil on the tip of the finger. Insert this finger in one nostril at a time and smear the inside surfaces of both nostrils with the oil.  Try it for a few days and see its impact, specially in the cold season. I found this oil smearing practice very helpful and made it an integral part of my daily morning neti practice for past many years. Even in the harshest winter, I do not suffer from cold, running nose or sinus from all of  which I suffered a lot before I adopted this wonderful neti practice.

If the water does not flow through due to stuffiness in the nostril, try these solutions that worked for me.  Prepare one potful of warm saline water as usual and keep it ready. Immediately, do some vigorous exercise to draw blood away from the stuffy nose. This could be – jumping jacks, sit ups or push ups.  The stuffy nostril will become free in a minute or two. Immediately, insert the tip of the pot in one of the nostrils and see how it flows. It is most likely the water will now flow through. Repeat this sequence as needed.

Another solution is do Neti around noon or night when the nostrils are more likely to be free. Doing it successfully at any time, leads to free nostrils at other times.

Another solution to is steaming. Prepare a pot of boiling water and keep it on the counter or table. Make the neti pot read with the saline water. Cover your head and shoulders with a blanket, bend over the pot and inhale the steam vapors for a while.  Your nostrils will certainly become free in a couple of minutes. Do the Neti immediately.


Once you use this technique, you will no longer be bothered by cold, or running nose or sinus problems, No  more suffering or medications! People suffering from frequent allergies can also benefit from this practice by eliminating the stuffy or running nose. It has a big impact on clearing the heavy feeling in the head.

The following are a few reports, from many such reports that I personally received.

Success stories
  • The parents of a 7 year old girl told that she was under continuous antibiotic medication every winter, to control her sinus infection, for past many years. On my advice, they got the Neti pot from India and used it. She could do it on her own after a couple of days supervision. This girl was able to totally avoid medications and all her suffering disappeared after using this technique.
  • One woman suffered from chronic sinus infection for many years with thick, colored and smelly mucus coming out of the nose. After using the neti pot daily, for about a month, she was cured of this severe problem. She aborted further sinus infections by using the neti pot frequently.
  • One woman around 30 years was suffering from sinus problem, for many years. The sinus infection had spread to her ears causing earache and even her eyes were being affected. She suffered from severe insomnia due to the all the problems in her head. She had dark circles under her eyes. Her life was in a turmoil, as she was working daily, as a cashier in  a store. Her husband asked me if there was anything that could help.
    I suggested that she should immediately consult a doctor and start taking antibiotics, to prevent further damage to the vital organs in her head. As a parallel action, I suggested that she immediately buy a Neti pot from the nearest WalMart store and use it as per instructions, twice a day.
    When I met her, after about two weeks, she told me that she did the Neti practice most of the days. Her problem was slightly relieved but she was still suffering badly. I advised her to complete the full course of antibioticss. Also to continue the Neti practice twice a day, without fail. To ensure Neti compliance, I told her to keep the Neti pot along with her tooth brush and not miss it even once for at least 2 to 3 months.
    I met her after about three months, she was extremely happy about the improvement. Her sinus and ear infections almost cleared up, and continued to be clear, even after weeks of stopping the antibiotics. She was able to sleep 7 hours a day, as her nose was free at night. The dark circles under eyes were half cleared up. She was surprised that the simple Neti practice could make so much difference in relieving her chronic miserable condition and suffering and also prevent their recurrence. See an important note below.
Important note for chronic sufferers of sinus infection

I learned from the book “What is eating your child?” by Kelly Dorfman M.S, L.N.D (She calls herself a Nutritional Detective) that sensitivity to dairy products causes continuous formation of mucus in the throat, nose etc. The stagnant mucus in the nasal passages breeds bacteria and chronic infection which spreads to the ears, causing ear infection and oozing of liquid from the ears, and even partial hearing loss, in children. In toddlers, this may cause delay in speech development, due to impaired hearing. She cited in her book several case studies from her practice, showing that total stoppage of all dairy products in all their forms resulted in dramatic improvement and eradication of the sinus and ear infections. If you are a chronic sufferer from sinus infection, I suggest to stop all diary products like milk, cheese and yogurt in any food item or drinks, for at least 3 months. If you find a significant improvement in the sinus problem, it confirms that milk was causing the problem. Switch to alternate milks with equivalent nutritional value, like soy milk.

(1) How can I focus on breathing?
(2) Helpful articles and web sites on the Neti technique and related info.


Burping and itchy skin cleared by quitting dairy milk

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