Hot to cold shower

Follow this practice every day to feel totally refreshed before leaving the bedroom and beginning the daily routine. 

  • Spread a small quantity of body moisturizer on your hands  and apply all over the body to make the dry skin ready for a good rub.
  • Now rub vigorously all over your body with bare hands, starting from the scalp, face, neck, chest, back as far as you can reach, legs, feet and toes. Repeat till you feel warmed up all over. Turn on the exhaust fan if available.  Now enter the shower.
  • Start your bath with warm or hot water and complete soaping. Rinse off the soap with warm or hot water. Don’t shut off the faucet yet.
  • Move the faucet handle ‘a little towards the colder side’. Take the shower water on the face if you are not washing your hair. If washing your hair, take the water on your head. Slowly turn around, one or two times. Let the shower fall on you chest and back as well.
  • Repeat this ‘little turning down to colder side’ and turning round, 3 to 4 cycles, till you get the coldest water you can bear.
  • Keep the shower curtain closed till you dry your body.
  • Walk out of the shower feeling greatly refreshed with no trace of sleepiness or sluggishness.

Benefits: Not feeling drowsy but feeling fresh early morning helps begin the day feeling great and reduces impact of stress during the busy work day. With this practice you will feel totally fresh. I have been doing enjoying this for many years. Some of my clients reported they really enjoy it . See (2) for a surprising report.

In winter, the cold weather will not bother you much.

(1) ‘Neti pot’ – For stuffy nose and sinus problems
(2) “Relieving sneezing and stuffy nose” – surprising report from a practitioner.

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