Beyond quality sleep

After a few weeks of practicing at bed time, you can advance to the next step. ‘Focus on breathing’ immediately on waking up but still lying on the bed, eyes closed. 

The morning practice drives away the sleepiness and acts as a booster for the night time practice. Over a few months, you will enjoy convincing benefits and will automatically practice at bed time and on waking up. When you realize that this path makes sense, you may choose to go to level II of  the practice.

In Level II – Phase I (1), you intermittently ‘focus on breathing’, during your busy day time activities without investing useful time or sitting in a special posture.

After a few months of this practice, you may further enlarge the practice to Phase II (2). When Level II practices (Phase I and II) become a habit, stress can never bother you. You will be a naturally calm person and your face will show a happy smile. See such a gradual change to happy smiling faces can be seen at (3).

When you practice the techniques in level II, chronic problems of body, mind and relationships will be relieved to some extent, creating further motivation to continue the practices. You will thus establish a strong foundation for sitting meditation described in ‘Level III – All about my meditation’ (4).

Meditation for extended periods for which a model is presented at (4) will make you stress-proof with unbelievable and irreversible benefits.

(1) Level II – Phase I
(2) Level II – Phase II Physicals
(3) Able to smile
(4) All about my meditation

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