Relieving Anxiety, Fear and Panic attacks

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  • Anxiety medication stopped: Nicole (name changed), a patient of my daughter Padma Sripada had severe anxiety, sleep disturbances, chronic pains, obesity, grief, panic attacks, smoking addiction and acute fear of upcoming hip surgery. After 2 weeks of practicing focusing on breathing, she reported that she no longer needed the anxiety medication and also other benefits. Her report
  • Anxiety, Insomnia and more relieved: Pam attended 4 of my classes (her name changed). She knew about this technique and my classes from the handout I keep at the East Greenbush Library. Her acute stress was due to her husband’s late stage colon cancer, now being treated by chemotherapy. More….
  • Overwhelming anxiety relieved: Feedback from Pamela (name changed) a client aged around 40 years who attended 4 of my classes over 6 weeks. She was suddenly overwhelmed with acute anxiety and lost all her initiative when she received news of a serious health problem for one of their family friends. Feedback
  • Calmed down my mom with Alzheimer’s: A practitioner said “My mom is suffering from Alzheimer’s. One day, when I was on phone with her, I guided her through ‘tip mode’ of counting breaths. We did it together for just about five minutes and that calmed her down very much.” More….
  • No more ‘Legendary Panic Attacks’: Remarkable feedback from a woman undergoing 6 monthly chemotherapy and CT scans for Lymphoma on how the breathing techniques relieved ‘legendary panic attacks’. More….
  • Cutting down on anxiety medication: Feedback from a client who attended 12 of my classes over 20 months. She got relief from several health problems.  “I have been cutting down on the anxiety medication very slowly but I think I have made great progress. I used to take 2 pills a day. I am now down to 1.25 to 1.5. I feel better now cutting back on this medication.” Full report….
  • “I needed to focus on something other than the scary thoughts about a plane crash”:  This is the first report of its kind. Emily Marynczak used the segment mode of ‘focusing on breathing’ to keep herself calm for about 2 hours, during a scary air flight. More….
  • Young woman who attended four of my classes: “I had some anxiety issues and sleep problems.  I used to have headaches almost everyday, due to my anxiety. The more I worried about my headaches, the more intense they became. I had sleep problems as well. Once I got into bed, it used to take me about 3 hours to fall sleep. I was looking for solutions for these issues not willing to take any medications.  More….
  • Practiced before surgery: Report from a woman with unique and serious health problems ” I specifically remember using the “Tip mode” just before I went into surgery, to help me relax. The next thing I remember – I was waking up and the surgery was over. I have also used the technique at bed time. My sleep habits are a lot better. I sleep almost through the entire night” Detailed report.
  • Medical student: He attended three of my classes over a period of two months, at the suggestion of his mother who practiced this technique and found it very useful. She was worried about his anxiety and obesity. At the end of the third class, he made a self assessment of how he practiced and the change in his initial concerns.  Report…
  • Drug Representative: Whenever I get a chance, I hand over the brochures related to the technique to the visitors to our office and ask the person to try it at bed time to  get sleep. Recently in my absence, a drug rep came on her periodic visit and happily reported to my daughter (Dr. Padma Sripada) and the office staff that she found the technique very useful in helping her calm herself when she was under great anxiety.
  • Dr. Padma Sripada: “ I have introduced the technique to some of my patients with anxiety, panic attacks, hypertension and insomnia. Everyone who has adopted the technique has reported that it helps them relax. The most remarkable effect was on a patient with severe panic attacks, who could not drive over a bridge without taking an anxiolytic medicine first. She is now able to drive over bridges without relying on medications!”

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