Relief from ‘Stuttering (Stammering) and Speech’ problems

Practicing this technique (1) seems to reduce the anxiety, fear or lack of self confidence that were embedded in the mind, some time in the past.  It improves self confidence. It also seems to improve mind body co-ordination and hastiness in speaking, as evident from the following reports. It is a slow process but sure it works. 

Let me know your own experience with this practice. It will be posted without your name.

  • Stuttering for 30 years: A man 55,  was stuttering (stammering) from his high school age, for more than 30 years. Within 2 months of practicing this method (1), his speech started improving. Over a period of 9 months his speech became 90% normal. Any new person talking to him would not feel his speech deficiency at all. He was practicing this method even while walking during his regular office work and during his regular morning walks as well (2). He said this problem started due to his fear of his father and grand father when young. It continued for 40 years even after he himself became a grand father!
  • Halting speech: A man 40, was speaking haltingly for many years. He used to halt for a few seconds while speaking to individuals or groups as though he was searching for the right words. Over a period of 6 months of practicing this method (1) his speech became remarkably fluent.
  • Halting speech: A man 56, was speaking haltingly since many years as though he was hesitating to express his opinion. Over 3 months of practicing this method (1) his speech became very fluent.
  • Speaking hastily and impatiently: A man 50, was in the habit of listening impatiently and speaking hastily. He became a calm listener and normal speaker after he practiced the method (1). He practiced during his morning walks (2).
  • Gushes of speech: A person aged 48, used to speak in gushes of speech with agitated   gestures of hands and face. After practicing this method (1) his speaking style and gestures changed remarkably to a normal mode.

(1) How can I Focus on breathing?
(2) Day time practice     Walking practice

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