Relief from ‘Stress’

Let me know your own experience with this practice. It will be posted without your name. 

  • Falling asleep and relieving stress: Report from a young lady. More….
  • Stress thinking about husband’s health reduced: Reported Joann who attended 3 of my classes. More….
  • “Much easier to deal with the stressors”: Feedback from a practitioner who attended my recent seminar. More….
  • Anxiety and Stress relieved by 70%:Feedback from a young man who attended 2 of my classes after practicing the technique on his own, using my handouts for about 9 months. More….
  • Counting breaths technique helped me through a lot of stress full moments: Feedback from a person who attended my seminar “I was having a lot of stress at work. Some days I was afraid of what I would be challenged with before I got to work”. More….
  • Stress reduced by 80%: Report from a client who derived many other improvements. More….
  • Reducing  job stress: By using the ‘focusing on breathing’ technique, I am able to calm my self physically and mentally, letting all the little things that bother me throughout the day fall away. More….
  • “I am managing stress very well” : Feedback fro a client who attended 4 of my classes. “The course I had undergone was ‘Counting Breaths’ with Mr. Suryanarayana Chennapragada. It helps me focus better on my work and also improves my attitude. Now I am managing stress in my life very well, enjoying sound sleep and living peacefully. More….
  • “My mind has become so relaxed that nothing and no one stresses me”: From a woman who attended 4 of my classes.  “I was really stressed out on my job at a medical office, due to my boss. I had to always to prove myself and be constantly on the go. I could never stop to even think where I was and what I was working on………..My mind has become so relaxed that nothing and no one stresses me.” Complete report….
  • A husband under unbearable stress: ” I was going to the gym and work out, for at least 2 hours. Even then, I was not getting relief from the stress. I used to wonder if I had to work out whole day. Now I do not run to the gym or go crazy.”  His report 1    Report 2    Report 3   Report 4
  • Medical student: He attended three of my classes over a period of two months, at the suggestion of his mother who practiced this technique and found it very useful. At the end of the third class, he made a self assessment of how he practiced and the change in his initial concerns. Report…
  • Principal and vice principal of a school: With about 1000 students they were in lot of tension and irritation due to frequent demands from visiting parents who demanded admissions, improvement of marks, so on. After they started this method, their response to such situations totally changed. They were able to listen patiently to the visiting parents and send them off with a smile, without conceding anything. Their way of interaction was so different from earlier style that some parents even complimented them for not getting irritated and being so cool in spite of all their pressures.
  • A manager in a factory: 44 years, said he used this method while talking over phone to his factory shift–in-charges early morning every day. It helped him reduce his frustration and irritation on hearing the problems reported by them.
  • A pathological lab technician: with whom I shared the hand out of the technique  said happily that she has been using the technique every day around lunch time to get over the job stress and refresh herself.