Relief from ‘Obesity’

I see several cases of persons, male and female in which the person loses unhealthy weight and girth at abdomen after practicing ‘Focusing on breathing’ for a few months. How can we explain this? My guess based on several authentic books is that practicing this technique leads to several developments in the practitioner.
– Awareness
– Acceptance, not denial, of the reality
– Implementing the corrective actions being deferred for long
– Will power
– Reducing stress
– Improving sleep

Let me know your own experience with this practice. It will be posted without your name. 

  • “…My waistline changed from 46 to 44…. I lost about ten ponds, in a sustainable way…..I no-longer fear going back to the way I was….I am building a New Me!”: From a client who practiced initially on his own from my handouts and then attended 10 of my classes. More….
  • “Counting breaths gives me will power” said a client. Full Report 
  • I lost 30 lbs. in last 9 months: ” I have been seeing C.S.(Suryanarayana Chennapragada) for all my health problems, since last one year. I lost 30lbs. in last nine months,  have been eating a lot more healthy food than ever before, with a no red meat, a lot of fruits and vegetables. More….
  • Pot  bellies:  Two persons in their forties reported that their pot bellies were reduced significantly after they made the method a habit. Asked how it happened, they said that their food intake had reduced automatically. Earlier they were over eating, without any awareness. Now they were eating with more awareness and eating only as much as they actually needed. In one case, the person’s wife who saw the big change in his waistline was concerned about the change and asked if anything was wrong with his health.
  • Caring for weight and diet: One industrialist who learned the method from me and enjoyed its benefits, explained it to his wife. After some time, he noticed that his wife was taking more care about her weight by controlling her diet and regular walking.
  • Appearance: A person 40-50 years was acutely aware of his obvious obesity and feeling helpless. After he practiced this method mostly before sleep and just after the shower, standing in the bath tub, his obese appearance significantly changed to a slimmer look, though his waistline was still prominent.
  • “It as all here (in the mind)!”: I gave the flier and complete booklet to the senior librarian of the local library about 8 months back. Whenever I used to come across him he was telling me that he and his wife were practicing the method and happy about it. After a few months, he told me he was practicing mostly at bed time and enjoyed good sleep. He also told happily that he lost 15 pounds. Asked how it happened, he put both his index fingers at his temples pointing to his head and said “it is all here!”
  • Lost 20 pounds: A lady 30+ was obese and having many other health problems. She lost more than 20 pounds after she attended several of my follow up classes. She was also relieved of some of her other problems like IBS.
  • Pants sliding down: A software engineer practiced this method before sleep, traveling and frequently during the day. He told to a group in my presence that his weight was so much reduced that his pants were sliding down. This happened in spite of the fact his gym attendance was very irregular and he did not practice conscious diet control, compared with the period he was struggling to reduce his weight.

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