Relief from ‘Migraine’

In addition to practicing ‘Focusing on breathing’ to relieve stress and relax the muscles, read the books at (1) for excellent recommendations on integrative therapies like foods to prefer, trigger foods to avoid, using nutritional supplements, exercise etc. 

Let me know your own experience with this practice. It will be posted without your name. 

  • Totally stopped: A man 53, was suffering from migraine every week lasting for a day, since more than 30 years. He was not taking any medicine and bearing the pain as the pain killers were making him drowsy. Within 2 months of practicing the method, his migraines totally stopped and did not recur even once in last 6 months. He started practicing the method for mental comfort without expecting any relief from migraine. This benefit came as a pleasant side effect!
  • Frequency and intensity reduced: A woman 45, a working lady was suffering from Migraine every day in the evening lasting for whole night since 2 Years. She was taking a pain killer every day after returning from work. Even then she had to twist a towel around her head to bear the pain. After she started this method the frequency and  intensity of pain gradually reduced. In about 4 months, she was getting pain only 2-3 times a month instead of all 30 days. She started practicing this method when she was told it may  help reduce her migraine pains.
  • Totally stopped: A man 35, was suffering from Migraine once in 15 days lasting 2-3 days since 3 years. He was bearing the pain without taking any medicine. Within 2 months of practicing this method, his Migraine totally disappeared without any recurrence even once. He started practicing the method when told it may relieve his migraine.
  • Getting pain rarely: A man 47, was suffering from Migraine every day or two, starting in the evening and lasting throughout the night since about 2 years. He was not taking any medicine. He practiced the method without any expectation of relief from migraine. Now he is getting the pain rarely and intensity is very light.
  • Reduced the strong medicine: A lady of age 86 attended several of my classes with the hope of getting rid of her migraines that bothered her from age 11 intermittently. For many years she used to take one light medicine daily and one strong medicine 9 pills a month, to control acute attacks. She was very scared of running out of the strong medicine which could be procured only after her doctor  fought with her insurance company. She was very regular in her practice and reported after about 8 months happily that she could reduce the strong medicine to 6 pills a month and no longer worried about running out of it.

(1) The prices shown below are the total costs to get used books from by USPS.
The Pain Cure by Dharma Singh Khalsa M.D – Wonderful book on treating chronic pains by Integrative medicine $9
‘Foods that fight pain’ – by Neal Barnard M.D. $5

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