Relief from Insomnia – Practicing from the handout (1)

I have seen over many years that people are able to practice the technique on their own, after reading my handout at (1) without needing any help from me or this website. It leads to enjoying better quality sleep, lack of which is a prominent contributor to several mind, body and relationship problems.

  • Young lady suffering from chronic gastritis and skin allergies: She reported “The counting breaths technique is the one that I am benefiting the most from when I have to fall asleep after a long day. It is a great way for me to relieve my stress also.”
  • A bank teller: I distributed my hand out on ‘How to enjoy quality sleep and conquer insomnia’ (1) to all the tellers at the SEFCU branch I do business with. Recently one teller in her fifties said “I use the every night. It just takes my mind off the days incidents and gets me to sleep’.
  • A handyman: I gave the handout on sleep (1) to the young handyman who worked on building our new house. When i come across him I ask how it was working. Every time he says happily “Oh yes. It gets me to sleep quickly”
  • A cashier at the UPS Store: It helps me in keeping things in perspective and get a decent eight hours of sleep every night. More….
  • A visitor to this website: E-mail message received from a visitor to this site. “Using the breathing method of counting breaths, I have been able to get to sleep. Thank you for your website.” He found this web site, practiced the technique on his own and enjoyed getting back to sleep!
  • After 8 years of learning this technique from my handout: A manager in my past company in India (where this technique was initially tested) (3) sent this feedback  ” I am practicing the breathing technique and got rid of my disturbed sleep”.
  • A woman on how it helped her ex-husband get over insomnia: “I have been practicing the  ‘Focusing on breathing’ technique since last 6 months. I have experienced many positive changes including losing my excess weight. Many people who knew me before, including my mom, noticed these visible changes and commented about it. One such person is my husband. Recently he commented on how I looked happier and more focused. He asked what was behind this change. I told him about the technique and gave the two hand outs – one for quality sleep and another, containing the comprehensive guidance about the technique. My husband is a night shift worker and had difficulty sleeping during the day. He also has some heart problems. Against the advice of his heart doctor, he was drinking beer to be able to sleep. He read the hand outs on the ‘Focusing on breathing’ technique and practiced it since last two weeks. Two days back, he said that he was no longer dependent on beer to get sleep and drinks only occasionally.”

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