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  • “Everyone should know your technique”: Sally attended only one class though she paid for three classes. Her friend who referred her to me emailed “Sally said she is so happy with the results from one session with you and how much better she is sleeping that she doesn’t feel she needs to come back. Your technique is so simple and so effective. Everyone should know it.”
  • “‘Segment mode’ was my medicine”: Jessica attended my seminar at the Castleton library in March 2014 and came to my classes to relearn it. Practicing the segment mode helped her relax and fall back to sleep without spending hours, tossing and turning. More….
  • “Slept completely through the night, for the first time in years” Said a professional. She explains in her e-mail “I have also been using the breathing technique you shared with me at night. I am falling asleep much more quickly. The other night, I slept completely through the night, for the first time in years!  🙂  Thank you!”

This professional visited me to set up my seminars as part of adult education classes for some school districts. I gave her my handouts. At the end, in just 5 minutes, I demonstrated the folding mode and also made her practice it on one hand. She was open to practicing the technique and enjoying its benefits of better sleep right away!

  • “Amazing! Clears my mind of all other thoughts”: Feedback from a woman in her fifties who attended my seminar at the East Greenbush Community Library, followed by 4 of my classes in 2012. More….
  • I finally had a good night’s sleep: Report from a young Engineer who was suffering from severe insomnia and anxiety. He attended three of my classes. More…. 
  • Sleeping for 10 hours without a break!: Feedback from a client whose sleep improved unbelievably in just one week of practicing the technique. More….
  • “I find tremendous improvement in my sleeping pattern”: Report from a client who learned this technique from this website and supplemented by a few tips from me by phone. More….
  • Total sleep pattern improved:  Feedback from a client who attended four of my classes over 5 weeks. She had poor quality of sleep before these practices. Her entire sleep pattern changed dramatically in this short period of practice. She derived many other benefits. More….
  • No more insomnia, anxiety or headaches: Here is the feedback from a young woman who attended 4 of my classes over one and half months.
    “I had some anxiety issues and sleep problems. I was looking for solutions for these issues not willing to take any medications. So, it was a blessing to come across the website and get to meet CS (Suryanarayana Chennapragada). More….
  • A Software Engineer: “I am managing stress very well and enjoying sound sleep”Feedback from a young  software Engineer who attended three of my classes. More….

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(2)  How can I focus on breathing?

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