Relief from ‘Hypertension’

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  • Getting off the BP medication: Report by a client who attended 4 of my classes. More
  • I never had my blood pressure that low: Report by a client who attended 3 of my classes. “I have been on Blood pressure medication (a non-diuretic). Over the last 6 months, it was 135/98, 175/124, 172/109 and 163/111. I was considering going to a stronger medication. When I got my blood pressure checked recently, it was 120/78.  I have never had my blood pressure that low for years.” His other report.
  • “Improved on weight, blood pressure, moods and neck & back pains”: Feedback from a client who gained weight, from almost underweight to a healthier BMI, lowered her persistently high BP  and gradually lowering her anti-anxiety medication. “Last week I had a really great blood pressure reading 126/86. This is one of the lowest I have had.”. More….
  • “Her numbers are coming down”: A patient of my daughter Padma Sripada M.D (2) said ”A young woman at my work was having hypertension. I downloaded and printed the ‘Focusing on breathing’ technique from the web site (3) and gave to her. She reported after some time, that her hypertension numbers were coming down.”
  • Doctor puzzled: Person aged 50+, a chemist, was taking a 50 mg tablet everyday for last 15 years for high blood pressure. Within 4 months of starting this technique (1), he felt so much relief that he could reduce his daily dose to 25 mg tab once in 3 days while checking BP regularly. His doctor was puzzled about this improvement. His total personality changed at work and at home. He became more responsible and less worried at work. He turned remarkably spiritual, sitting in meditation before his favorite Goddess Kali for an hour every day.
  • Felt like stopping his medicine: Person aged 36, a contractor, was taking medicine for high blood pressure for last 2 years. He was very short tempered. He felt so much relief due to practice of the method, that he felt like stopping his medicine. But on advice of his doctor he was taking once in 3-4 days. His anger almost disappeared for which he was very happy. Three more cases of such significant reduction of BP were reported from – a Chief Engineer, a record keeper in a Quality control department and a security supervisor.
  • High BP at doctor’s office: A lady who had hypertension and regularly visiting her doctor learnt these methods attending my classes over several months. Whenever she visited her doctor her blood pressure was showing very high. She was determined to get over this and one day went to the doctor’s office well ahead of time and practiced counting breaths for over 20 minutes. For the first time doctor found her pressure normal as reported by her with a beaming face.

(1) How can I ‘Focus on breathing’?
(2) Padma Sripada M.D
(3) Documents for Download

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