Relief from ‘Fatigue’ due to Exercise/ Work

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  • Walking like and Energizer bunny: Feedback from a practitioner who attended one of my recent seminars “I have been doing the walking and breathing exercises that you showed me in the busy and bustling New York City.” More….
  • Much less tired, riding the pedal bike: The person aged 32, my ex-gardener, used to ride a bicycle to and from his work place, about 10 miles each way.  I explained this method (1) in less than 30 minutes one day and he started practicing it. After about 2 weeks he said he was feeling his breath while riding his bicycle and he felt much less tired compared to his earlier experience. Being a manual worker for 8 hours a day, this benefit of reducing travel tiredness made him very happy.
  • Walking time passed quickly: People who were in the habit of walking every day for 30 minutes to 1 hour as an exercise, told me that they started practicing the ‘counting mode’ (2) during their morning or evening walks for exercise which last for 30 minutes to one hour. They felt as though they did not walk much. The walking time passed quickly without feeling any impatience.
  • Software Engineer’s headache totally relieved: A soft ware Engineer aged 30 (USA), reported that he used to feel headache after prolonged work at his computer. After knowing about this method he practiced the ‘counting mode’ (2) for a short time, sitting before the computer, eyes closed. He felt totally relieved of the headache.
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