Relief from ‘Driving stress’

Using ‘Focusing on breathing’ and body awareness greatly relieves boredom, impatience and stress, during short or long drives as these reports show. 

Let me know your own experience with this practice. It will be posted without your name. 

  • “I don’t like the green light!” said a practitioner who was practicing the ‘staring mode’ at red lights to reduce his stress. Full report from the practitioner
  • Dramatically helped me when driving: “In addition to helping me sleep better, it has dramatically helped me when driving” said a client who attended 3 of my classes. More….
  • Long drive siting on an extremely uncomfortable seat: ” I took a long and stressful (busy traffic and bad weather) car trip helping my son move into a new apartment in Brooklyn.  The rented van had extremely uncomfortable seats and we drove for over 7 hours.  I used body awareness techniques I have learned from my asanas and ended the trip with no residual body stiffness. ” Alfred (1) attended 3 of my classes and expanded his practice in many directions.
  • The trip was pleasant and I felt fresh: “I took a 3 hour car trip and applied calm and alert thought practices while driving. Not only was the trip very pleasant but, in addition, my perception of time became elastic and I felt as fresh when I completed the trip as when I started.” Alfred (1) attended 3 of my classes and expanded his practice in many directions.
  • Reduced my road rage: “These practices have improved my self control and reduced my anger. They have increased my tolerance for things out of my control. They have reduced my road rage. There is improvement in how I react with or accept other drivers.” More….

(1) Alfred

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