Relief from ‘Chronic Pains’

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  • Daily headaches relieved in 2 weeks: Feedback from Krishna (name changed), a young married client, doing my classes on Skype and in person. His headaches were relieved within 2 weeks. Report
  • I stopped Celebrex medication: Feedback from a female medical professional, working as a research scientist in the department of health of New York State. She had a heart attack a few months before. “I started practicing ‘Focusing on breathing’ when Mr. Suryanarayana gave me the hand out on the technique and suggested I should try it for relaxation. I practiced it intermittently, during the day, whenever I remembered, using the segment mode and counting modes. Within 3 days, my back pain was completely gone, never to return. Before practicing this technique, I was depending on Celebrex to control the back pain. Now I do not need it at all. I feel stress was the cause for my back pain which was reduced by practicing this relaxation technique.”
  • Back pain of 25 years less by 80%: I was suffering from back pain and sleep disorder for the last 25 years.  I was diagnosed with herniated disk and arthritis in L4 & L5.  Six years ago, I was hospitalized twice. I have been taking numerous pain relievers, muscle relaxers and narcotics for severe pain and spasms until last year.  I have been getting treated for 10 visits once in 6 months by Chiropractors and Physical Therapists.  Massage would make me feel good for a week. All  these would help for a week and then I would reach a plateau. I spent numerous hours and dollars at the pain clinics. Needless to say how much money was spent thru the Insurance Company.  More….
  • Fibromyalgia pains mostly come down: A remarkable report from a woman who suffered from this problem for about 10 years. In addition to getting great relief from the pains, she changed from a hyperactive person to a calmer person. More….
  • Arthritis pains relieved: A person aged 60+ was suffering from chronic pains due to arthritis in one knee and one thumb since a few months. He could not go down the steps into his house basement and felt very bad about this handicap, having been a very physically active person all his life. The specialist doctors said only solution was to take pain relievers life long. One day I asked him to practice the relaxation using the segment mode for about 20 minutes in my presence. After this he felt real difference and was convinced it was something worth trying. Thereafter, he practiced every day. He also practiced stretching as shown to him another day. After a few weeks he e-maied this feedback “I practiced breathing on last four days for about 30 minutes. I do feel the benefits. Pains are reduced immediately and stay that way for a few hours”. After a few more weeks, he said he was able to go down the steps of his basement.
  • Wonderful life changes for a person on disability due to Fibromyalgia: I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in March 1990 after an injury that occurred at my place of employment. Almost 19 years now I have had great difficulty sleeping due to extreme pain. After being prescribed many medications over the years, none compare to the breathing techniques demonstrated to me by C.S.  Because of him I can get many hours of consecutive sleep; where I was not able to achieve with prior aid of a physician whose speciality is sleep disorders. The methods taught to me by C S are simplistic by nature, such as counting my breaths, inhaling and exhaling.  More….

Update: She is now mowing the lawn and raking the leaves! Not long before, she was not able to do anything even inside her house.

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