Relief during pregnancy and childbirth

  • ‘First of its kind’ feedback from Emily Marynczak, a childbirth educator (1). She herself practices the technique, finds it useful and teaches it to her clients. “In my work as a childbirth educator, I have been teaching different modes of ‘counting breaths’ technique to my clients. I direct my clients to practice twice a day – once in the morning and once at bedtime. I also direct them to the ‘’ web site for further study. Many of my clients report back that they find the techniques useful on a day to day basis, for calming themselves. I have also had at least a couple of women report back after their births that at various tough moments during their labor, they used counting breaths effectively, for pain management. When the mind has an anchor, fear is reduced. When fear is reduced in childbirth, the sensations are much more manageable – and potentially even enjoyable.”

(1) Emily Marynczak AAHCC, Bradley Method Childbirth Educator, (518) 478-0062

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