Helping before and after Surgery and Medical procedures

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  • “It helped clear my fear of upcoming surgery.”: Report from Nicole who attended 2 of my classes. She could also stop her anxiety medication. More….
  • “No more legendary panic attacks during the CT scan”: Reported a lymphoma cancer survivor who needed sedatives a few days before the scan prior to practicing this technique. More….
  • “I didn’t want to yell like a baby during a mammogram. ” Report from a woman who used the technique during a painful mammogram. More….
  • Mom helping daughter take her mind off the anxiety: A mom was visiting her daughter studying in college, to be with her, during her minor surgery of vocal cords. Her daughter was very nervous, as she had a serious skiing accident three years back that lead to multiple surgeries and that memory was bugging her. Mom is a practitioner of the ‘focusing on breathing’ technique (3) and head of a school. She introduced it to the faculty and students of her school successfully. Seeing her daughter’s nervousness, she wanted to help her calm down using the technique (3). She asked her daughter to look into her eyes and demonstrated the segment mode (2). They practiced the technique together, till the daughter calmed down. Daughter could go through the surgery without distress.
  • Before surgery: “I specifically remember using the ‘Tip mode’ (1) just before I went into surgery, to help me relax. The next thing I remember – I was waking up and the surgery was over.” More….
  • Before and after surgery: “I use all of your breathing ideas before and after surgery .Very important for the lungs. My daughter made sure I used the technique every hour, to keep the lungs clear”. Comment of one of my clients. Her previous report.

(1) Tip mode
(2) Segment mode
(3) How Can I Focus On Breathing?

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