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  • Emotional abuse by mom relieved: Kaitlin (name changed) aged around 60, a divorced software Engineer, attended 6 of my classes. She was emotionally abused by her mom for more than 47 years. And it continued even when her mother was 80+ and was getting help from her for daily living. More….
  • “Moved out of negatively approaching my husband”: From a woman aged around 60 who attended 3 of my classes over 4 months. Her initial concerns were – stressful relationship with her husband, depression off and on, disturbing thoughts & feelings and concentration. More….
  • Improved my relationship with my fiance: Report from a client who attended 3 of my classes ” I’m much calmer in situations where normally I would react in anger or feel tension rising within me. More….
  • My daughter and  I talk without yelling: “Since I have started ‘focusing on breathing’ practices  (1) with C.S (Suryanarayana Chennapragada) in October 2011, my family life has changed dramatically.  My daughter and I now talk on a daily basis without yelling at one another. My husband has calmed down his attitude around me. They both say it is because of the person I have become.  I am much more relaxed now and take things as they come, instead of  worrying about things. I am sleeping much better than I use to, without taking sleeping pills (2). I also have started to eat healthier than I did before.   Basically I am a much calmer person with more energy, in the last four months, thanks to C.S. He has also given me good counseling advice better than any counselor I have ever seen in the past.” From a woman who attended several of my classes.
  • With wife: A person 45 yrs, had a strained relationship with his wife from date of marriage. They have a teen age daughter. As reported by him, she had very different expectations from him in terms of status and power. As these were not fulfilled by him, she used to nag and humiliate him daily after he returned from long hours of factory work. She used to compare him to others getting promoted faster than him and pointing out his inferiority. He used to react to her by getting angry and destroying things in the house in her presence, like – tube lights, bulbs and news papers . This was going on for more than 20 years. After he started this method, he could control his reactions to her. He was silently listening to her and focusing on his breathing, and not replying anything to her. Seeing his total silence in spite of her continuous nagging, she would stop her verbal attacks. She even used to remark ‘am I talking to my husband or the wall?’. Earlier, after such an episode they were not on talking terms for 2-3 days. But these days they were talking to each other in the evening of same day. His boss remarked that earlier the person’s wife was complaining about her husband every day over telephone. But for last few months he was not getting such calls from her.
  • With mother-in-law: One industrialist practiced the method frequently while traveling in his car on business trips. It reduced his mental tension. He could handle the pressures from his customers better.He verbally told his wife about the method and forgot about it. His wife and his widowed mother, though closely related, were not on good terms. His wife was not willing to take his mother to the hospital whenever required. He had to squeeze time from his busy schedule, to make these trips himself. After some time, he found his wife’s behavior changed. She volunteered to take his mother to the hospital. He feels this could be only because of her practicing the method.
  • With wife: One security guard was feeling very bad that he was not able to satisfy his wife’s demand for stopping his smoking. After this practicing this method, he could discontinue smoking totally (3). He was very happy that he is enjoying a happy relationship with his wife now.
  • Young man with his boss: An Engineer who joined service a few months back, was having a very strained relationship with his boss. He felt the boss was making unreasonable work demands. He was arguing with his boss a lot but ultimately he had to do as he was told, feeling demoralized in the process. He was so frustrated that he privately confided to me that he was planning to resign from the job and search another one, just because of this problem with this boss. This method was in it’s early stage of evaluation at that time. I told him to try the method (1) and see if it would help. After about 3 weeks, he reported that he was no longer bothered about his boss’s behavior. He was just doing as his boss wanted him to do, even if he was not in agreement with him and forgetting about it.  He was relieved and happy.
  • With parents: One person in service, aged 42, told that he was in the habit of angrily bursting out while dealing with his parents whom he used to visit once a year during his holidays. This was so remarkable that his parents were avoiding directly talking to him. After practicing this method (1), his behavior towards them changed remarkably. H made it a point to talk to them nicely during his visits. He came to know through others that his parents noticed this change and were very happy.

(1) How can I focus on breathing?
(2) Relief from insomnia – Success stories
(3) Relief from smoking and tobacco chewing – Success stories

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