‘Face looks bright and healthy’

This practice has a definite impact on the face, changing it to a healthy and bright look. This may be due to reduction of stress and healthier pattern of breathing. Is it not said “the face is a reflection of the mind”?. During the initial of testing this method I was persuading the people whom I was meeting frequently, to try the method to gauge its impact on mind, body and behavior. Some said they were practicing and some said they didn’t. After a few months, I saw a definite visible change in the faces of all those who practiced the technique. This correlation was so strong, that I could identify a practitioner simply by looking at the face of that person. This impact continues to be seen over all the years.

Let me know your own experience with this practice. It will be posted without your name. 

  • “I now have a bright glow in my face”: Feedback from a woman who attended 4 of my classes. She sought help because of extreme stress from her boss. Not only did she become stress-proof but her face acquired a remarkable brightness which showed through her dark skin being an African-American. Her full report….
  • Even his wife was surprised: A manager aged 50 years, had severe diabetes. He was taking insulin shots twice a day. His face looked alarmingly sick and lifeless. After about 6 months of practicing this method, his face changed radically to such a healthy look, that even his wife asked him how did it become so much better.
  • Remarkable clarity and glow: An Engineer 28 years, was practicing this method only at night while waiting for sleep lying in bed. After about 6 months, his face has acquired a remarkable clarity and glow. He reported that his out bursts of anger at his workers totally came under his control.
  • Friends remarked:  A lady 50 years (USA) read the full article in web site ‘humnri.com’ and practiced the method. After a few months, she sent me two photos of her face showing a clear improvement. She wrote in her e-mail that her friends remarked about the happy smile on her face of late.

See pictures showing gradual change in the face at (1)

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(1) Face 1           Face 2          Face 3

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