Reducing or eliminating ‘Anger’

Practicing this technique (1) has a remarkable impact on the tendency to get angry internally and also on the consequent uncontrolled outbursts. In one young man, this effect was seen even though he practiced only at bed time to fall asleep!

Let me know your own experience with this practice. It will be posted without your name.  

  • Anger, Anxiety and Disturbing thoughts reduced: Feedback from a young man who attended 2 of my classes after practicing the technique (1) on his own, using my handouts (2) for about 9 months. He reported improvement on a host of mental, physical and relationship issues. More….
  • Anger reduced by 70%: Feedback from a Software Engineer who attended  3 of my classes over a period of 2 months. He was feeling angry with his wife for spending lot of time in forcing their daughter aged 6 to eat when she was not inclined.  He did not want to be angry. Full Report
  • Reduced road rage: “These practices have improved my self control and reduced my anger. They have reduced my road rage……” An employee in a call center – New York state . Report….
  • Less outbursts: A technical manager aged 43, was very unhappy about his anger affecting his work relationships. He said he wanted very much to control his anger, tried many times but failed to find a practical way to achieve the control. In about 4 months of starting this method he felt great relief from his outbursts of anger. He was practicing the method while having his bath.
  • Simply could not get angry: A technical manager aged 30,  was getting irritated with his subordinates if they were not doing exactly as told. After practicing this method, he simply could not get angry at them.  But on the other hand, he started feeling that he should patiently listen to them to understand the problems due to which they were not doing his way. At home, his wife also started this method when he told her the basic method verbally. He observed that she became more patient with their 5 year old son. Earlier she was getting irritated at their  son when he approached her for some attention while she was doing some work. But after this method, she became more receptive to him and started listening and soothing him.
  • Practicing only at bed time: A Junior Engineer 25 years, was famous for his short temper with his workers. His behavior changed radically to his great relief and also of his workers. He was practicing only at bed time for about 6 months.
  • His wife complimented: A chief of security department 50 years, was famous for his short temper and constant fault finding with his supervisors. He changed so much after this method that his people became happy and also his wife complimented him for improvement of his temper.
  • Anger totally disappeared: A Chief Engineer 45 years, used to go round the various sections of his department in the morning and wherever his people were found lacking in performance he was getting angry and scolding them, losing his mental peace and also making his people unhappy at his loss of temper. After this practice, his anger totally disappeared and he started dealing with them in a more fruitful manner.
  • Blood pressure came down: A civil contractor 35 years, was famous for his outbursts of anger on his workers. He also had high blood pressure and taking medicine. After this method, he said his anger totally disappeared. His blood pressure also had come down reducing his dose frequency from once a day to once in 3-4 days.
  • Anger came down drastically: A civil engineer 45 years, was very famous for his outbursts of anger on his contractors and workmen. After this method, he said his anger came down drastically and he was very happy about it.

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