Improving ‘Concentration and focus’

Practicing ‘Focusing on breathing’ (1) gradually improves concentration. When we focus the mind on the ever changing process of breathing using one of the finger modes (2), it obediently gets absorbed in tracking the breaths. It does not wander as much as it used to before. Even when it wanders, it is for  a fleeting moment. You become aware of the distracting thoughts but they won’t be able to hijack your attention for s sustained period. They will be like passing clouds in the sky or images on the movie screen. They distract you for a fleeting moment (s). The thread of your attention is not broken. By repeating the breathing practice even for a few breaths, throughout the waking hours, the old wandering habit of the mind gradually changes. Over many months, may be years, the concentration improves dramatically. It obediently remains focused on the chosen target, to a great extent. You will wonder “Is this my same mind?”.

Let me know your own experience with this practice. It will be posted without your name. 

  • “Helped reduce my stress and focus better during an extended civil service exam of 8 hours” Said a practitioner happily . She attended my seminar and practiced the technique. More….
  • Software Engineers: Many soft ware people told me that practicing this method improved their mental concentration on job. Many of them told that the method helped them forget their programming related thinking and get badly needed rest through sound sleep. Here is one such report   “I practiced this morning  before starting for work. Now I am feeling more concentration than before.” Full report
  • Student preparing for an exam: I came to know about your ‘Focusing on breathing’ method from a brochure I found at the Albany Hindu Temple. I am preparing for USMLE exam due in August 09 and I am really tensed at the moment. I have been practicing the method since 2 days and I am really feeling very much relieved of my stress. And I am able to concentrate better on my studies” A student preparing for Medical Residency Exam in USA.
  • Group practice: One group of 10 soft ware designers customizing SAP software used to practice it for 5 minutes every day before starting the work. Two foreigners visiting the team periodically were also practicing it along with them. They said it improved their mental concentration in their work.
  • Software website: One Greek soft ware site had an entry in a discussion forum quoting this web site that the method was useful for improving mental concentration.
  • Web designer: A web designer told me that he was not able to use his daily travel time of 2 hours NJ to NY for reading books that he wanted  to read badly utilizing his idle travel time. After practicing this method he was able to complete reading of many books effortlessly.
  • Meditators: Some people who were practicing meditation like ‘Chakra Dhyana’ (a method of concentrating on the energy centers in the body) said that this method improved their practices significantly. Earlier, in spite of their best efforts,  they were getting frustrated due to lack of concentration. They are now getting better returns for the time they are spending on the practice.

(1) Focusing on breathing
(2) Tip mode,    Segment mode,    Folding finger mode

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